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Summer Holidays are approaching, here's why our rope swings are the best....

Summertime and the living is easy

Sitting Spiritually Rope Swings are exquisite in both their concept and their design. They look like something out of a fairy-tale, adding an old fashioned feel  to any outside space. 

With the school holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to order your rope swing, the joy they bring is completely infectious & they create lasting memories for all ages.  We sell an equal amount of rope swings for adults as we do for children, often having people who have long promised themselves an old fashioned rope swing buying them for their own significant birthday, including an 80 year old!

Our reputation speaks for itself, as Sitting Spiritually are the only bespoke swing makers to be endorsed by the RHS, with prestigious placements at RHS gardens, National Trust Properties, and many more. We feel that our outstanding reputation is a direct reflection of the passion we put into every intricate detail of our creations, and anyone who purchases one of our products knows just how much love and care goes into each and every one of them.

Sitting Spiritually has perfected the rope swing, creating the ideal antidote for children being glued to their screens, while also providing the young-at-heart a place of calm reflection. There is no age limit to enjoy our swings, so why not indulge in some child-like joy? Browse our selection here.

When choosing your rope swing, it is important to consider:

The size

The shape

Whether you want an inscription

The quality of materials

What rope has been used

Stack of Sitting Spiritually Rope Swing Seats on a forest floor

Size and Shape

At Sitting Spiritually, our rope swings come in a variety of  sizes. We have a single size for those who prefer to swing in solitude, although two children may sit companiably side by side on these,  as well as a double size which is perfect for special occasions such as weddings. All our swings have rounded corners and edges to prevent any painful knocks to the leg!

Sitting Spiritually Round Swing Seat hanging from a garden tree with inscription


Our swings can be inscribed with anything you’d like, perhaps a meaningful quote or the date you met your partner. Inscribing your swing can make it into a family heirloom that will be passed down through generations.  

sisters swinging on a high quality swing seat hanging from a garden tree

Quality of Materials

The oak we use to make our swings is seasoned, which means that our wood is far more enduring and hard-wearing than other companies who use unseasoned green oak. This use of seasoned oak means that the finish of our swings is guaranteed to be flawless, while still maintaining their rustic charm. 

We also provide under-batons, a strengthening device where the ropes enter the wood that reinforces the swing. This makes sure that our swing supports the user, whether adult or child, to swing in safety and serenity all year round.

Posted by Siobhan on June 13th 2024

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