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Swing Seats in the Garden – What makes them so special?

Until you’ve actually sat on a garden swing seat, you may well be thinking what’s all the fuss about?

But we’d defy anyone to actually walk passed a swing seat and not want to sit on it.   We’ve had so many people say that the minute they see a swinging seat, they want to sit on it and they envision lazy afternoons spent soaking up the sun, drinking a glass of wine or cup of tea, letting their thoughts wander.

And OK, we know it’s not ground breaking news any more that being outdoors has benefits, but we wanted to share a few ways spending time outside on a swing seat can improve our lives overall….

Health Benefits of Garden Swing Seats

Though it may not be that apparent, you could reap health benefits too as soon as you start using your garden swing seat. Whenever you feel stressed out, having had too much to deal with at work, or even at home, all you have to do is spend a bit of time throughout the day on the swing seat to reap the benefits of rest and relaxation.

Not only will you end up feeling energised, you’ll also calm your body, put your mind at ease and improve your concentration altogether.

Vitamin D is essential for bone and cell growth, as well as building a strong immune system. Getting enough Vitamin D from food and supplements is pretty hard to do, getting out in the sun is the best way for you and your family to get the proper amounts of Vitamin D.

The benefits go beyond this so much so swing seats are useful for anxiety and stress and  also autistic people with sensory disorders as they offer them fun and a new learning method helpful with improving the coordination of motor skills.

Meditation - The Calming Nature of Swing Seats

Sitting Spiritually came about directly from meditation, when owner Martin Young was sitting  and meditating on the first ever swing seat he made for his garden and a friend called by and said “Oh, are you sitting spiritually” and from that moment the company was born.

There’s no doubt the relaxation and comfort this kind of garden furniture allows show it’s possible to use them when meditating, you can take time to get in touch with your inner self and practice for some minutes in the comfort of your garden.

There is something we can do as part of a meditation to help us notice the rest of the natural world carrying on “regardless”. Almost a decade ago, Professor Miles Richardson developed the “three good things” approach. His aim was to improve our connection with nature. Since then, his research has shown that it also benefits our wellbeing. It’s very simple: All we need to do is note three good things we see in nature each day. This could be through a window or outside on a walk, or of course, on your swing seat. We can keep our findings to ourselves or, for those who like to share on social media, use the hashtag #3naturethings. They won’t be difficult to find. Just be still enough to notice. Nature to the rescue again.

Sleep - How Swing Seats May Help With Sleep

For people dealing with insomnia, this would come as a relief to know they can spend quality time resting and relaxing on a swing seat, essential in stimulating the brainwaves and improving the quality of sleep. Don’t think of your swing seat only for Summer use, on a clear night sit on it with a blanket and warm drink, watching the stars if you are lucky enough and breathing in the air, we guarantee you will have a more restful night’s sleep as a result of it.

And finally....Makes You Nicer!

A study from University College, Berkeley, California suggests that when people are exposed to nature, they are actually more inclined to engage in kind and generous tasks than those who are not. If you or someone you know has been a little edgy or grumpy lately, some time in the outdoors might be just what’s needed. Just think, what a little conversation on a swing seat could do to renew someone’s whole spirit.

"My Tranquillity Curve Back 4-seater is a delight, a really comfortable seat in which you can spend hours gently swinging, hardly aware of the passage of time, and without needing to change your position or get off to stretch your legs. The extreme degree of comfort, in my opinion, is achieved by the wide horizontal wooden pieces forming the back and the smooth connection between the back and the seat. My garden is accessible from the road without necessarily going through the house and friends who have experienced the seat have asked me if they can come and sit on it to meditate, regardless of whether I am at home. This has pleased me because it is in part a comment on the tranquillity of my garden as well as the seat, but it has also occurred to me that those friends, given the choice, might well opt for the Tranquillity Curve Back in preference to me!"  Mr A. Maynard

Posted by Siobhan on January 26th 2021

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