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New Product Release: The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed

A few months ago, Blackdown Shepherd Huts teamed up with Sitting Spiritually to create a beautiful Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed. Not only was this combination perfect for sunny summer days and evenings, but due to the canopy, it’s ideal for year round use too! Imagine enjoying your coffee on a beautiful autumn morning curled up under a throw, snuggling up with a hot chocolate on an crisp winter’s night, or staying outside a little longer with a glass of something delicious as the spring evenings stay light for a little longer. Heavenly!

The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed combines a cushion-clad Swinging Day Bed made with oak from FSC sustainable sources, with an oak frame and stunning curved roof. The design allows the day bed to be suspended underneath it, removing the need for a pergola or other structure to hang it from. In addition, the canopy provides shade on hot days and a protection from the British weather on others, giving the Swinging Day Bed year round appeal.

Although the structure and high quality materials remain a constant, the Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed can be ‘customised’. You can choose from a range of cushion colours and types, and there’s another optional extra right up in the canopy. To add something extra special, Blackdown Shepherd Huts can incorporate fibre optic lights into the canopy. Whether you pick your favourite colour and enjoy a little extra light underneath the canopy, or you allow the lights to cycle through all the colours, the lights make a great addition for evening and nighttime use too!

The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed has attended a number of shows since it launched, so if you see the Blackdown Shepherd Huts stand when you’re out and about, pop on over and give it a test drive. But be warned, you might not want to get up after a sit and swing!

With Many Thanks to Rhea Freeman for this guest blog

Posted by Siobhan on September 9th 2019

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