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The Origins of Our Oak

Our materials are crucial in making the beautiful seats you see today; without such high quality wood, we would never be able to help so many customers achieve total serenity in their own gardens. 

If you've ever been curious about where our Oak in particular comes from, as well as the ethics behind it, all the information you need is below. 


Where does our Oak come from?

Our oak comes from the abundant forests of France; so abundant in fact, that the area in which we harvest from has a wood standing volume of 2 billion metres cubed.

These woods play host to 128 different species (only 30 of which our supplier actually harvests) and this forest is increasing by 88 million metres cubed every single year! 

Oak, as many us know, is a hardwood. The French forests are full of biodiversity and variety, with large hardwood populations cropping up all over the country. Hence, why France is the biggest European producer of Oak.  


What makes our Oak sustainable?

France has an excellent track record when it comes to sustainable foresting. Since as far back as 1827, France has a controlled forest management system in place. This means that any deforestation is done with resource renewal as the top consideration. 

This approach has worked to an incredible extent; over the course of 50 years, the French forested areas have increased by 35% whilst also maintaining biological diversity. 

What makes our Oak special?

Our Oak is special not just because it is what our stunning seats are crafted from. It is a remarkable material that we are proud to build with in our workshop. 

The Oak that we use is harvested from 150 years old onwards. In this sense, our seats are part of the world's history, created from a source that has been on this Earth for far longer than any human being. 

Oak is hard-wearing, versatile, beautiful, and fascinating in many ways. The seats below are just a few examples of the amazing things that can be done with this wood.

Why not browse our range of seats so you can benefit from the steadfastly beautiful presence of an oak garden seat?

Posted on July 27th 2021

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