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The Sitting Spiritually Garden

We are revisiting some of our favourite blogs and this one about The Sitting Spiritually Garden was very popular so we wanted to share it with you here, on our new website

We often talk about all the prestigious gardens around the country that are open to the public and that have our swing seats but not many people know that the Sitting Spiritually Garden itself is pretty special.

Situated near Lyme Regis in Dorset, the garden acts as a showcase for our swing seats and benches and visitors are always welcome, either to try out the swing seats for themselves, or to view this jewel of a garden.
When Martin & Celia Young moved to this house, the garden was a former paddock, so gave Martin the blank canvas he had always dreamt of, a childhood ambition of Martin’s had always been to create a garden from scratch and this one gave him that opportunity.

Martin and Celia wanted the garden to look, smell & feel good and have a wow factor from Spring to Autumn so they set about designing it with the help of a local Landscape Architect, Ed Brooks. Terracing this sloping site made perfect sense so that became the starting point.


The sweeping lawn is a combination of quality turf and careful maintenance and there are layers of planting in deep borders that create a garden just bursting with interest, colour and scent. One of the swing seats is even under planted with Sweet Woodruff so it is gently brushed by the swinging motion to release its heavenly scent.

That smooth lawn

The completed garden soon contributed to the birth of Sitting Spiritually and thus became a showcase for the furniture made by the company, but also a sanctuary where Martin, Celia and their family could unwind. The garden is ever evolving, there’s even a Summer House, draped in a glorious white wisteria, where Celia makes all the cushions to go with the swing seats.

Celia's Summer House

Martin says “If, back in 1998 when we moved here, someone had said to me that I’d create a garden that flows like this, I honestly wouldn’t have believed them. By having faith in the plants to self set and group themselves, nature has taken over and I love the way the garden has evolved”.

Visitors are welcome but please call first to check someone is home
01297 443084 or 07837 651283

Martin & Celia take time to relax

Posted by Siobhan on June 2nd 2015

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