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The Sitting Spiritually Garden
in Late Summer

I (Siobhan) am writing this on an extremely hot and parched day, with not a cloud in the sky.  But last week when I popped round to the Sitting Spiritually Garden to take some photos for this blog (see gallery below), it was a truly grey, mizzley day. But what really struck me was that even in those, quite frankly, gloomy conditions, the garden beckoned me in & I was enticed to wander around, not knowing what I was going to find next, and being blown away by what I did.

So in no particular order, this is what is currently giving its all in the SS Garden:

Digitalis, Astrantia, Fennel are gearing up for seed heads to appear.  Plenty of flowers are attracting bees and insects - Origanum ‘Herrenhausen’, Thalictrum splendide, Sanguisorba, Verbascum. Berried ivy in hedges providing late season nectar for insects.

Many grasses are at their peak - Molina is  flowering as is Sesleria autumnalis.

Structural forms of Cardoons and fastigiate Ilex crenata were standing proud in the mist.

Foliage on trees is starting to change colour to autumnal tones - Amelanchier, red; Acer campestre, buttery yellow.

So plenty to see,  and of course, plenty of places to sit, to drink in the atmosphere, there’s the pergola with a beautiful little curve back swing seat, a Harmony painted pine slat back nestled under the balcony, a Rockabye enticing you in in a corner, a Tranquillity Heart Back up on the deck, alongside the stupendous Swinging Day Bed, and not forgetting the majestic elderly Kyokusen, still in fine form, and a cute little Knole Bench overlooking the tree fern.

 So if you happen to be having a Staycation in this beautiful part of the Country, and would like to see the garden and many delights in it, we are offering private, socially distanced show rounds, just give us a call on 01297 443084, we might even make you a cup of tea!

Posted by Siobhan on August 11th 2020

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