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THE TRILOGY – One frame, three seats, four options

Perhaps a lesser known cousin to our other swing seats, the Trilogy, is, we believe, rather unique.

Why The Trilogy?  Well, because it has three different seats, and the customer gets to choose which is best for them.

 The options are:

1.  Two rope swings

2.  A four seater swing seat

3.  One single seat swing seat & one rope swing

4.  Two single seat swing seats

Option 1: Two Rope Swings
Option 2: Four Seater Swing Seat
Option 3: Single Seat & Rope Swing
Option 4: Two single Seats

We know family’s needs change as the years progress, so when the children are small, you may want it with two rope swings, or you may want to sit side by side, so how about one rope swing and a one seat swing seat?  The children will grow and leave the nest, so how about adding two single swing seats?  Or a four seater swing seat?

Mix & Match to your own personal desires, as your family’s lifestyle changes, so can your Trilogy.

Available in Oak & Western Red Cedar.

Add names or favourite words to personalise it.

The Trilogy Swing - as versatile as you want it to be!

Posted by Siobhan on April 29th 2016

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