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The Trilogy - Summer Holidays are Incoming!

"It's an absolute joy to be able to swing alongside my grandson and chat about our day! He’s 6 and I’m 70 and he loves the fact that I’m swinging too! Thank you – The Trilogy is such a clever idea and we love it.



So it's half term week and that could have you thinking about the long school Summer holidays fast approaching!  Now would be the ideal time to place your order for The Trilogy, and have it delivered and assembled in your garden for when School's Out!

Currently our best seller, and for good reason given its versatility.  Recently we have had customers contact us who bought their Trilogy some time ago, with two ropes swings, for when their children were little.  Now those children have grown up, we're being asked to make them a swing seat to hang on the frame instead, which is exactly how we envisaged the Trilogy being used and in fact the eyebolts in the top beam were espcially placed to allow for this..

This lovingly-crafted swing set is for adults, children, and those of you who are forever a child at heart—and everyone in between! There’s no age restrictions on the simple pleasures of this versatile garden swing.

One frame, three seats—you choose the best seating combination for your needs. Whether that is individual single swing seats or old fashioned rope swings, it’s your choice.  Then down the line consider adding a four seater swing seat in place of those rope swings, but with the option to swap back easily when the fancy takes you.

Our popular Trilogy is available with three frame heights.....

From the Tall Oak Frame Trilogy, at 2.7m high, for those adventurous types who like to soar high into the clouds; then there’s Mid Oak Frame Trilogy at 2.35m high for a slightly less spirited ride—down to the Standard Oak Frame Trilogy at 2m high for those who enjoy a rather more gentle swinging experience.

Built using the very finest FSC oak by our master craftsmen, The Trilogy is much loved already by parents and grandparents wishing to swing next to their children as a shared and much loved experience.

Configure and create your perfect swing….

It is likely to be in your life for a while and your family’s needs may well change over the years, so here are the options available, which you can add to at any time:

Option 1 - Two uncarved rope swings
Option 2 - One single swing seat and one rope swing
Option 3 - Two single swings seats

Mix & Match to your own personal desires, as your family’s lifestyle changes, so can your Trilogy.

The Trilogy Swing Set was voted as one of the 9 Best Swing Sets available by The Independent & Evening Standard 

The Trilogy Option 1
The Trilogy Option 2
The Trilogy Option 3

Posted by Siobhan on May 30th 2024

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