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We're Talking Versatility....

"It’s an absolute joy to be able to swing alongside my grandson and chat about our day! He’s 6 and I’m 70 and he loves the fact that I’m swinging too! Thank you – The Trilogy is such a clever idea and we love it."


Versality…. the quality of being versatile (= able to change easily or to be used for different purposes):

The Trilogy, made in FSC Oak….

One frame, three options:

Option 1: Two Oak Rope Swings

Option 2: One Single Garden Swing Seat & One Rope Swing

Option 3: Two Single Garden Swing Seats

We feel the Trilogy really comes into its own as a family swing if ever there was one.....many people, such as parents & grandparents, buy one with a rope swing & a single swing seat so that they can sit next to a child or teenager and swing together. 

Or often two rope swings are purchased, and then when the children are older, swing seats are commissioned to replace the rope swings, although we do find that adults have a real love for a traditional old fashioned rope swing too and to that end the Trilogy is also available with a taller frame to make for maximum high swinging!  In fact The Trilogy is now available in three different heights, standard, mid and high.

Or how about two single swing seats, hung in opposite directions, à la a Love Seat, admire the view from both aspects.

The Trilogy really does have something for everyone and remains a best seller with us, it’s easy to see why it was Voted by The Independent as one of the 8 best swing sets

Probably the most versatile garden swing seat ever, ask us about The Trilogy 

Posted by Siobhan on October 18th 2022

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