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The Benefits of a Day Bed

What is a Day Bed and How Can It Enhance Your Garden Space?

If you’re looking for a true statement piece for your garden; one that instantly elevates the comfort and style of your outdoor space, then a handmade swinging day bed can be a wonderful investment. Using all the quality materials and dedication to artisan craftsmanship you’d expect from a Sitting Spiritually garden product, there’s no better example of ultimate luxury and relaxation than our swinging day bed.

What is a Day Bed?

The definition of a day bed

A day bed is a versatile piece of furniture that combines comfort, luxury, and functionality to create your own private sanctuary within your garden space. Perfect for relaxation and downtime during the day, offering a comfortable seating or lounging area for the whole family; able to double as a sleeping space when the heat of a summer's afternoon is just too much. Whether it's relaxing, entertaining, star-gazing, or simply enjoying a good book with a glass of something cold, the swinging day bed can be a superb addition to your outdoor space.

Swinging Day Bed in Oak

Swinging Day Bed in Oak

Different Types of Day Beds

A day bed for any occasion 

Whether you choose a swinging day bed in oak, a swinging day bed with cedar roof for that extra feeling of sanctuary  — or the  single day bed if the dimensions of your garden are limited — each furniture piece is handcrafted with precision, creating its own sense of style. 

Constructed from robust oak sourced from FSC-sustainable sources, each day bed is built to last. Its wood naturally ages to a beautiful silvery grey, adding to its own unique charm over time. Whether you want to sit, lie back, curl up, or stretch out, the swinging day bed offers relaxation and opulence in spades. On those long hot summer evenings, it can be the perfect spot for watching the world go by or enjoying a glass of your favourite drink with optional glass and bottle holders.

Swinging Day Bed in Oak

Swinging Day Bed in Oak

Making the Most of Your Day Bed


To fully enhance your outdoor space, consider the placement of your day bed. It can serve as a focal point, creating an inviting retreat in your garden or on your patio. Hung from one of our bespoke pergolas, surrounding it with seasonal plant life, soft lighting, and weatherproof  cushions can create a beautifully serene retreat.

With the various sizes, configurations, and optional extras available, you can tailor your day bed to reflect your personal style. A canopy, for example, crafted from durable oak beams, ensures you can enjoy your garden regardless of the weather – from sunny days to rainy afternoons, you can relax and dive into a good book without interruption.

Swinging Day Bed in Oak with Cedar Roof

Swinging Day Bed in Oak with Cedar Roof

Practical Benefits of Day Beds


In addition to their comfort and style, day beds offer a practical solution for smaller outdoor areas — particularly the single swinging day bed in oak. While these furniture pieces offer multi-functionality as seating and sleeping spaces, or as the centre point family gathering in your garden, you can maximise your space without compromising on comfort.

An investment in a Sitting Spiritually swinging day bed is an investment in luxury, comfort, and style. It can be a versatile addition that can transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and natural beauty. So, why not discover the benefits of a swinging day bed today?

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Posted by Martin Young on January 30th 2024

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