What is Accoya?

Accoya is the world's leading high technology wood. Created from sustainably sourced softwood; it matches or exceeds the durability, stability and beauty of the very best tropical hardwoods.

Accoya -  a new way of thinking about wood

Since its launch in 2007, hundreds of manufacturers have made Accoya their material of choice in homes and buildings for applications such as windows, doors, decking and cladding. Some of the most architecturally significant projects in the world have featured Accoya for both its performance and versatility.

The Timber Industry Benchmark

Accoya long life treated wood has become the timber industry benchmark for performance and sustainability. It is said that no other timber can offer this combination of stability, durability and versatility. This modified wood is sustainably sourced with FSC® certification and it has minimal environmental impact throughout its entire life, from production, through its use, right the way to the end of its life.

What is Accoya Made From?

All Accoya is produced from plantation grown pine trees including FSC material. Accoya is suitable for all exterior wood applications where long life, low maintenance and a low whole life cost are required.

Accoya® is wood, but not as you know it. It is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades

Sitting Spiritually & Accoya

And now Accoya is also being used to make extremely high quality garden furniture & we are delighted to have introduced our Affinity Painted Accoya Range, initially as swing seats but now we are also producing our Swinging Day Bed & Pergolas in this fantastically versatile material.  Available in a wide variety of stunning colours, talk to us about your colour of choice.

Innovative Builds

For structural creations, where once, only steel and concrete would be the option – Accoya brings structural stability and design flexibility to the table, combined with the aesthetic that only real wood can truly deliver.

From innovative builds and impressive underwater bridges to outdoor sculptures, landscape timbers and art installations. The possibilities are endless and this is why we have now added our Swinging Day Bed and Bespoke Pergolas to our Accoya Range & we are excited to be expanding our range in such a pioneering way.


Accoya is a world-leading natural solution against huge global environmental concerns – including climate change, ecosystem destruction and finite renewable resources. All of which, could make your design a masterpiece in sustainability.


Accoya themselves offer an unmatched 50-year warranty for above ground applications and 25 years below ground or in fresh water, so you feel confident that your Accoya creation will stand the test of time.

Talk to us about our new Affinity Accoya Range, we think you'll be as excited about it as we are


Posted by Siobhan on February 26th 2021

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