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Why is Winter the perfect time to buy your Sitting Spiritually Garden Swing Seat?

Why is Winter the perfect time to buy your Sitting Spiritually Garden Swing Seat?

Well you may be surprised that the answer to this is yes, Winter is the perfect time.  When you first take delivery of your commission, be it constructed in oak or cedar, we tell our customers:

Tannic Acid is one of the main reasons why Oak and Cedar is so durable and it can produce certain side effects in the early days.  For example, black patches, often around the plugs,   may appear and these should cause you no concern,  they are a natural part of the process and they will dissipate.  When it rains the tannic acid will leach out a little at first and can stain on a light coloured surface so a piece of old carpet or cardboard placed underneath will absorb this  and after a few downpours this can be removed.. After a few months if you leave your seat untreated ( which is what we recommend ) it will gradually turn silver and many prefer this. In the early days, you will notice water staining . The sun, wind and rain will dissipate this.

So this whole process will take place throughout the Winter months, and by the time you get to Spring, your commission will have turned the most stunning, mellow, silver colour.

A really good example is the following.  We were commissioned in 2014 to make a Serenity Cedar 4 Seat Swirl Back Swing Seat which our customers have had so much pleasure from that a kind relative of theirs commissioned us to make a matching Serenity 4 Seat Garden Bench as a gift.  Both pieces are shown in the photo below, on delivery of the Garden Bench to match the older swing seat, and really do show the contrast of the two and the beautiful silver the Bench will turn to as it weathers.

So Commission us during the Winter months, and your garden furniture will work its natural process in the garden for you, in time for Spring & Summer.

Posted by Siobhan on November 15th 2018

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