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Why we love getting photos from our customers

You cannot have a business without customers. That's why at Sitting Spiritually our customers are at the heart of every decision we take and every product we make.

We love getting to know all of our customers along their Sitting Spiritually journey but, as with all journeys, the best part is the destination.

Our customers often send us pictures of them enjoying their seats, which brings us so much joy.

There are so many reasons why we love receiving your images, so the list below is by no means exhaustive, but we hope this will inspire you all to keep the photos coming.

 If you have a Sitting Spiritually Seat that you've been enjoying, send us a picture! Not only would we love to admire your seats, but every picture we are sent gets entered into a prize draw to be pulled later in the year!

We love seeing all of your beautiful gardens.

We know that our seats should be the focus, but we can't help but notice how gorgeous all of your gardens are! We love seeing Sitting Spiritually seats sitting pride of place in some absolutely stunning scenery. 

After all, when you have such a charming outside space, a place from which to observe your masterpiece is essential; we believe there is no better place to do that than on a garden swing seat (and our customers are inclined to agree). 

The seats that we make truly bring all of the elements of a garden together; the enchanting sights and smells are all only accentuated and improved upon by the serene swaying of a swing seat. 

It's not just humans who enjoy our seats!

The only thing we're more fond of seeing than our customers is maybe their adorable pets...

There is nothing that pulls on our heartstrings more than seeing a beloved family pet in our customer's images. It really drives home the fact that our seats become permanent fixtures in people's lives, perhaps even part of their daily routines. 

We painstakingly craft our pieces so the whole family are able to enjoy them- even the four-legged family members!

 They are proof of the true versatility of our seats.

As said previously, seeing the beautiful homes that our handiwork have gone to is such a fantastic feeling. There are so many striking gardens of all different varieties, from lush gardens with stunning water features to chic paved outside terraces. 

What particularly stands out to us however, is that our seats look fabulous in all of them! 

We've discovered after all of the images that we have received over the years, that there is not one where a seat looks awkward or out of place. 

The colours always blend in to the surrounding beautifully, but also add an elegant flare to all gardens. 

We love seeing our customers' happy faces!

Nothing confirms that our hard work has all been worthwhile more than seeing very happy customers.

We particularly relish seeing images of people enjoying their seats- they are made to be delighted in all year round and seeing that in action makes us so proud to do what we do.

Our seats have been seen to elevate mood, soothe anxieties, and provide a thoroughly enjoyable social space. We aim for this to be the experience of all of our customers and we are so pleased when we see this come to fruition. 

It's so rewarding to see the fruits of our labour

To summarise, we are taken aback every time we receive a picture from a customer by not only the outstanding quality of our products, but the positive impact that they have on families and individuals. 

The furniture that we craft may look elegant and regal, but these pieces truly do bring joy and life to all gardens. 

We never get bored of seeing these images, as our seats are all handmade and are as wonderfully unique as our customers. 

Posted on July 14th 2021

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