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Why We Use Man Made Hempex Rope

Nowadays, so many of us look for the natural alternative in products, and none more so than us at Sitting Spiritually, however there is something we do make an exception with and that is the Hempex Rope for our best selling rope swings.

Synthetic Hempex is an authentic looking and very popular alternative to natural fibre Flax Hemp rope. It looks great and is very strong and can handle higher breaking loads. It is extremely resistant to weathering - made from synthetic fibres this rope is great for outdoor use as it will not rot and it also maintains an accurate diameter making it great for detailed projects. Hempex is often called Poly Hemp or Synthetic Hemp and really is a great versatile rope.

Safety first is always of the utmost importance to us, and we really do feel that with our bespoke Man Made Hempex we are able to offer our customers peace of mind with this extremely strong and weather resistant product.

This is also the most suitable rope used for garden tree swings as it looks great and lasts for years outside. These ropes really are exceptional and can be used for so many applications - a truly versatile rope.

We would never criticise another supplier, but we have been finding that recently we have people contacting us saying the rope on their swings had rotted and could they buy replacements from us.  On delving further into the enquiry, without exception it has transpired that they were not our swings and had not been supplied by us, and that these particular ones all had natural hempex rope, as opposed to the man made hempex that we use.  We only supply our Man Made Hempex ropes with our own swings.

We buy our man made rope from The Chatham Rope Company Ltd, who manufactures and sells rope to the trade and private customers throughout the UK and the world.

So you are guaranteed the highest quality rope from a company that manufactures and distributes a wide variety of ropes to a varied customer base.  As with all Sitting Spiritually’s products, we insist on the highest quality, and we feel that is precisely what we are supplying with our rope swings,  so our customers can feel secure they are buying a product for outdoor use that is entirely suitable to the weather we experience in our country.

During 2020 our rope swing sales over doubled previous years, and we feel that is because our reputation for an extremely well made product, from the FSC Oak we use, to the Man Made Hempex Rope, proves that you really do get what you pay for when you choose Sitting Spiritually to supply your rope swing, not for nothing are we the only rope swing maker endorsed by the RHS, you may buy from us with absolute confidence that you will have a rope swing that lasts for years.

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"Give me a swing and all maturity goes out the window!"

Posted by Siobhan on January 13th 2021

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