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Your Perfect Spot

Your garden is hopefully your sanctuary, so of course you want to place your chosen swing seat or garden bench in the best possible spot.  For a gardener, this may be an allusive thing because as soon as you sit down, you spot a little task that just needs doing, a climber to tie in, a rogue weed to remove, and suddenly you find that your plan for a little sit down has gone a bit awry!  But hopefully that seat will entice you back, probably even more so in the early evening, when you may have a glass of something chilled in your hand (more on that later).

Which way your garden faces could determine where you place your seat, if you are a lark, you may want it to face the morning sun.  Bit of an owl? Think about where the sun is in the early evening, or better still, where it sets, there is something just wonderfully dreamy about sitting in your swing seat, watching the sun go down.

Choose a level spot, be it lawn or terrace, you will feel more comfortable, and secure that way.  Seats at the end of a path can be very enticing, they can draw you in as you wend your way towards them, relishing the quiet relaxation time coming up ahead of you.

Do you have a particular view you love from your garden?  Place your seat facing this and breathe it in.

Do you dislike getting too hot in Summer?  Place your seat where you will be sure of some shade during the day. Read more about creating shade for your seat.

Think about the Winter months too, you may not want to venture too far from the house, but sitting gently swaying on a swing seat, snuggled under a blanket, can be every bit as enjoyable as basking in the Summer heat, so think about placing your seat close to the house.

Also consider the little extras we can offer that will keep you at your seat and that perfect spot longer.  Drinks shelves on your swing seat, deep enough to hold a bottle of wine, glasses & a bowl of nibbles (you’d be amazed how many people don’t order drinks shelves, and wish they had!)  and  cushions, both for the seat itself, and scatters to lie back against, all make our exceptionally comfortable garden seats a place you will not want to leave in a hurry.

We are always happy to advice on your perfect spot, so if in doubt, just ask us.

Also, do have a look at a blog we published a while back, on why seating in the smaller garden is important, by Marie Shallcross of Plews Garden Design.

We’ll close with these wonderful words…..

“There is nothing quite like swinging gently in a seat. It reminds me of the happiest days of my childhood at my grandmother’s house where thin white sandwiches with thick raspberry jam were tea time treats and swinging on my flying sofa, dreaming to the soundtrack of the low murmur of bees – the perfect accompaniment. Sitting Spiritually swing seats makes me happy – is there anything better one can say?”  Sir Tim Smit, Eden Project

With very many thanks to the customers who have shared photos of their seats in their perfect spots, the above are just a small selection we have received over the years.  

Posted by Siobhan on August 28th 2020

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