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Your Pergola Project

Following on from Part 1 of our blog posts on Pergolas  ….

Pergolas are big news in Garden Design at the moment, with their ability to create a ‘room like’ area within your garden, perfect for outdoor eating or just another place to relax. It can be planted thoughtfully for Summer shade and in Winter you could even add some twinkly fairy lights for a romantic & warming glow.

Choosing your pergola…
There are many options available at garden centres but will they provide you with the longevity of a Sitting Spirtually Pergola?   

We believe our pergolas are unique because.....
Quality - each is handcrafted from scratch by expert joiners in our workshops
Joinery - we use extra large timbers for added strength and durability.
Ease For Customer - we pre-build each pergola in our workshop to ensure the timbers will slot neatly into the joints when delivered to site.
Strength - it can be concreted into the ground or fixed to a suitable surface

It will be a permanent structure, so do spend some time planning where you would like it to go, even a small garden can enjoy a pergola.

Newly Installed Pergola in the Sitting Spiritually Garden
Two Months after installation

 Planting your pergola

A popular choice is a rose, and to create a statement look, choose just one colour, such as the Rosa Kiftsgate seen here below, this has the added bonus of climbing and tumbling all over the structure, thereby creating natural shade.  You will need to initially tie in the rose to help it grow up & around, and remember to prune it in the Autumn to keep control of the shape.

Do also read Katherine Crouch’s Guest Blog for us, Creating Shade in Your Garden, as this gives you lots more planting ideas for your pergola

Rosa Kiftsgate creating natural shade

Looking after your pergola
After a few months if you leave your Pergola untreated ( which is what we recommend ) it will gradually turn silver.  Your pergola needs very little attention. All that we recommend is that you give it an annual scrub with soapy water to remove algae and air pollution. This restores the surface of the timber. You will be best to do this in Winter when the plants you have on it have died back a little and you won’t risk harming them.

All our pergolas are delivered in kit form and are created as a piece of joinery in our Workshops, prior to delivery, to ensure a perfect fit on site.  We provide very easy to follow assembly instructions and are happy to discuss every aspect of your project with you, just give us a call on 01297 443084

The Sitting Spiritually Garden

Come & visit the Sitting Spiritually Garden & see our Pergolas & Swing Seats on display this Summer at one of our Open Weekends  or visitors are most welcome at other times, please just call first to check someone will be there.

Posted by Siobhan on January 24th 2019

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