AftercareFrequently Asked Questions

Care FAQ

How do I look after the wood?

Common-sense looking after. What you must avoid is letting them get dirty or built up with algae, instead keep them clean with a regular scrub with sugar soap or with our recommend cleaning products.

Over time as the natural tannins leave the wood in the weathering process, the wood will get ‘hungry’. We recommend applying a feeding oil.

Further information on maintenance can be found on our Aftercare page.

Is the metalwork going to rust?

We use marine grade stainless steel for all of our metal work, so it will not rust.

The wood has changed colour, is that right?

That’s what we want it to do! As a natural material, when timber is exposed to the elements it will mature and change colour over time, naturally mellowing to a lovely silver hue. With the right care and maintenance, all of our range can be left outside throughout the winter months. You can maintain the golden colour by applying a feeding oil once every few months.

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