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Swinging Day Bed Cushions

Adding Some Colour To Your Space

It's up to you how many cushions you think you might need and we have a range of fabric colours and patterns for you to choose from so you can design the space just how you like. 

5 Year Warranty

We proudly choose Sunbrella® cushion fabric

There is only one brand TOUGH enough to stand alone, with gorgeous designs, incredible durability and easy maintenance, Sunbrella® is in a class all its own.

It provides the ultimate in stain resistance and cleanability - even mildew is no match for Sunbrella. Relax with the peace of mind that only comes with Sunbrella fabrics.

Product care and cleaning your Sunbrella Fabric

Large Scatter Cushion
£75.00 +vat 

Please note our cushions are only available as part of a commision and are not sold separately. We also do not offer a bespoke cushion making service. 

Mattress and Cushion Packages

When you order a Swinging Day Bed from us, we have a range of pre-designed cushion packages for you to choose from. You're more than welcome to pick your own, but in our experience these are the most common combination that make for a sumptuous day bed experience.

Package 1

Mattress only in either Nautolex Marine Vinyl or Sunbrella 

Package 2

Mattress, long Back Cylinder cushion in either Nautolex Marine Vinyl or Sunbrella 

Package 3

Mattress, long Back Cylinder cushion in either Nautolex Marine Vinyl or Sunbrella , 4 Mini Bolsters in Sunbrella

Package 4

Mattress, long Back Cylinder cushion in either Nautolex Marine Vinyl or Sunbrella, 5 Large Scatters in Sunbrella

Package 5

Mattress, long Back Cylinder cushion in either Nautolex Marine Vinyl or Sunbrella, 4 Mini Bolsters in Sunbrella, 5 Large Scatters in Sunbrella

Build Your Own Package

Choose your own mattress and cushion combinations from the available range. 

Prices for Cushions

Cylinder Back Cushion

To fit size 1 Day Bed £515 + VAT
To fit size 2 Day Bed £545 + VAT
To fit size 3 Day Bed £579 + VAT

Mini Cylinder Side Cushion (Bolsters)

Each £65 + VAT

Large Scatter Cushion

Each £75 + VAT

If you need any further help please call us on 01297 443084

"The cushions are lovely and have effectively turned our swing seat into a comfortable bed!

 Thanks, Zahir"

Our Cushion Colour Range

Please Note: as a result of current global economic conditions we're experiencing supply issues with a number of our fabrics resulting in increased lead times for some colours. Our list of available fabrics is constantly changing, so whilst the below provide a good guide please do speak to us to ensure the fabric you would like is available. If it's not then we'll be able to help guide you towards a suitable alternative.


Mineral Blue Chine


Porto Blue Chiné




Porto Grey Chiné


Foutah Olive

Heritage Leaf

Panama Green



Quadri Grey




Paris Red


Abaco Ego


It's important to think about the kind of day bed mattress you want to pair with your day bed pillows, as the overall look will be influenced by both choices. 

Also think about the wood colour, the colour as it ages and the backdrop you'll have to your new, relaxing seat in the garden.

In our images you can see the different colours that we have combined on previous day beds for inspiration, or feel free to get in touch for advice about which colours work best together. 

Remember that the colours on screens are never quite true to life, feel free to visit us if you'd like to see the different fabrics in the flesh. 

Swinging Day Bed with Cushions
Swinging Day Bed with Grey Cushions
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