Fixing Down Your Oak Frame

Our Guide to Fixing Down Your Oak Frame

Our High Oak Frame is delivered without a fixing down kit as standard. In our experience, some people are happy to have it free-standing whilst others prefer to have it secured.

How your seat is delivered

We work with a fantastic removals company called Saturn Removals who deliver and assemble our products. Your High Oak Frame will be delivered and assembled on-site, with the swing hung for you.

The delivery team do not place bricks or slabs underneath the legs, which we recommend to avoid ground contact long-term. Due to it always being dependent on where people set the seat and how they want it to look, it's not feasible for us to do this for you.

What to do when your seat first arrives

Ride your swing seat with care and attention upon delivery. We strongly recommend avoiding swinging vigorously until you have tested its stability. Instead, gently swing and check that the seat is sturdy and set on the ground securely. It's at this point you should consider the positioning of the base and whether you require additional fixings or ground anchors.

If you decide you would like to fix your frame to the ground

If you would to fix the seat to the ground, we recommend using Spirafix. This link is to a ground anchor that works perfectly with our seats. You will need to install this yourself. To ensure the wood isn't directly on the ground and help the longevity of the wood, one method is placing the anchor on top of a brick - as illustrated in the below image.

Swing gently when your seat first arrives
One available method of fixing your seat if you prefer it to be anchored
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