Wooden Garden Seats and Benches

Garden Benches

Knole Wooden Garden Bench against Magnolia

Garden Benches

There’s a wide and varied selection of garden benches in the Sitting Spiritually range—to suit any number of different tastes and outdoor environments. Available in either oak, cedar or painted pine, all our benches and chairs are built to last; more than capable of withstanding even the most inclement of weather conditions.

The Knole Garden Bench

The Knole Garden Bench

£3,465.00 - £3,585.00

Rocking Garden Bench - The Rockabye

Rockabye Swinging Bench

£2,279.00 - £3,059.00

Garden Bench - The RHS Centenary

RHS Centenary Garden Bench

£3,419.00 - £4,497.00

Garden Benches and Chairs

Garden Benches and Chairs

£1,619.00 - £2,279.00

The Floating Garden Bench | Contemporary Garden Furniture

The Floating Bench

£2,399.00 - £3,239.00

Garden Bench - The Swirl Bench

The Swirl Bench


Why Choose a Sitting Spiritually Bench?

Each bench is lovingly handcrafted by our team of expert joiners, and every individual piece is designed and fabricated with you, the customer, in mind. We want your bench to be the crowning centrepiece of your garden—a place where you can sit, relax, dine and enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of your outdoor space.

We will liaise with you every step of the way when creating your bench, and we’re always happy to discuss design choices, additional features, dimensions, inscriptions—anything we can do to make sure you’re receiving exactly the product you desire.

"Craftmanship at it's best"

Craftsmanship at its best. Great to meet Martin prior to deciding what seat to go for. He made us feel very welcome in his lovely garden on one of his open days. Nice to see the various seats to try. We were kept well informed by Siobhan during the whole process from ordering to delivery. Very professional and polite delivery service. We look forward to many years use from our new swing seat.


Something for everyone

We believe there’s a bench for every customer and for every garden. Take the Rockabye: a perfect addition to any veranda or roof garden, with its modern, stylish design and high-quality timber and stainless steel structure. Ideal for relaxing on those long, hot summer afternoons. Customers can gently rock in the midday sun to their heart’s content.

For a classic choice, inspired by the RHS Chelsea Flower show and the paintings of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, we also have the Centenary Bench in our range. A stunning feature and talking point of any garden. Also popular for those looking for a timeless piece, we present the Knole Settee. A versatile, adjustable garden bench with a traditional aesthetic. 

Serenity 3 Seat Garden Swing
Contemporary Swing Seat 3 Seater

In complete contrast, we’re also delighted to be able to offer the Floating Bench to our customers; a sleek, contemporary, award-winning piece of outdoor furniture. If you’re trying to create a modern garden space, this could be the perfect finishing touch. Another modern alternative to the classic garden bench is our Swirl Bench; an eye-catching three-seater, beautifully carved from English oak. There really is something for everyone.

Benches aren’t always just a place to sit and relax in your garden, of course. Often they can hold much more significance and meaning for our customers. Memorial Benches can be a loving, poignant way of marking the life of a friend or family member who has sadly passed. Offering a number of different personalization options—from bronze carvings to handcrafted inscriptions—it’s with great pride that we are able to supply these tasteful memorials to our customers in their time of need.

"What started as a gem of an idea is now a reality, we're truly thrilled."

The Swirl Bench

Extra touches

Choice is very important to us here at Sitting Spiritually. We endeavour to offer our customers as many options as possible when it comes to creating their outdoor furniture pieces. Our classic range of garden benches and chairs, for example, come in a variety of different back styles; either fan, heart, curved, slat or swirl. 

We can also provide a series of bespoke accessories and exclusive design options for your garden bench; each tailor-made with your own specific tastes and needs in mind.

For a unique finish, we are able to embed ammonites into the chosen back or armrest of your beautifully crafted bench. These stunning natural artifacts, famously linked to Lyme Regis’ Jurassic Coast, are a popular choice for our customers and certainly add an unusual, singular dimension to an already desirable bench.

To provide that personal touch to your garden furniture, Sitting Spiritually can also add the inscription or carving of your choosing. Perhaps you’d like a loving message left on your Memorial Bench, or a wooden carving of a favourite tree or flower—practically anything is possible when it comes to personalising your furniture. What’s more, we can also apply a number of different finishes and ageing processes to your requested wood. Down to the last detail, we want to create your dream bench.

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