Garden Furniture Cushions

We proudly choose to use the cushion fabric Sunbrella®

Cushions that can be left out all summer .....

There is only one brand TOUGH enough to stand alone, with gorgeous designs, incredible durability and easy maintenance, Sunbrella® is in a class all its own. It provides the ultimate in stain resistance and cleanability - even mildew is no match for Sunbrella. Relax with the peace of mind that only comes with Sunbrella fabrics.

The cushions are lovely and have effectively turned our swing seat into a comfortable bed!

 Thanks Zahir

Care and Cleaning

Sunbrella Colour Range

Click on any of the images to enlarge and see a preview of your cushion colour.


1. Polar Blue

2. Mineral Blue

3. Adriatic

Porto Blue Chine (suggested scatter)


1. Canvas

2. Antique Beige

3. Heather Beige

Porto Grey Chine (suggested scatter)


1. Silver Grey

2. Shingles

3. Ardoise

Quadri Grey (suggested scatter)


1. Macao

2. Granny

3. Kaki

Confetti Green (suggested scatter)


1. Burgundy

2. Paris Red

3. Tuscany

Porto Rosso (suggested scatter)

Prices for Cushions

Scatter Cushion £44.50 +VAT (£53.40)
1 Seater Flat £89.50 +VAT (£107.40)
2 Seater Flat £129.50 +VAT (£155.40)
3 Seater Flat £139.50 +VAT (£167.40)
4 Seater Flat £149.50 +VAT (£179.40)

If you need any further help please call us on 01297 443084

Outdoor cushions - garden furniture furnishings

Scatters in Granny and flat in Confetti.

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