Swing Seats For Your Own Pergolas and Structures

Do you want a swing seat, but not the frame? Hang one of our beautiful seats from your pergola, arbour, gazebo or any suitable structure. A pergola swing seat will grace your existing garden without you needing to make extra space. We can advise you how best to do this - including how to make sure that your proposal is strong enough. Seats come with all the fittings you need to hang them.

Below is a range of images of swing seats being hung from pergolas and other structures sent in by our customers. We thank our customers for sending such fantastic pictures in!

Purchasing a Swing Seat Only

To purchase a swing seat only from Sitting Spiritually, simply browse our ranges from our Swing Seats page and select 'Swing Seat Only' when purchasing your product. Every swing seat comes with the option of a swing seat and frame or swing seat only. 

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