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Shade Solutions for Swing Seats

Keeping you swinging safely

We have found the perfect solution to a question we often get asked, what kind of shade works best with our garden swing seats?

Sun Shade for Swing Seats

Do you have any shade solutions for your swing seats?

The answer is now Yes! It took us such a long time to find a solution because we know our swing seats are special, so we knew it would take a special type of shade solution. We couldn't just settle for any old parasol now could we?

So our good friends at Bridgman have entered into an arrangement with us and we can supply them direct to you. Just choose the one that's best for you let us know and we can arrange for it to be delivered and charged with your seat.

Grow Your Own Shade

This is the first seat we ever made in 2004 and is still going strong in the Sitting Spritually garden in Lyme Regis.

We planted a fast growing eucalyptus tree and the clematis montana scrambles up the tree and over the seat.

As the Clematis fades the Rosa Philadelphus takes over.

Sitting Spiritually Swing Seat Natural Sun Shade
Swing Seat Natural Sun Shade

Grow Plants Over a Pergola

If you have enough space, then a Pergola can be a wonderful way to train some beautiful plants with enticing scents up and over your swing seat. 

The extra support above the swing seat allows for a more full coverage from the sun and the elements, a preferable option if you'd like your tranquil space to be more sheltered. 

Natural Sun Shade for a Swing Seat
Natural Sun Shade for a Swing Seat
Shaded Seat Swing

Pre Existing Shade

If there is a already shaded location in your garden, you could purchase just the swing seat and the fixings so that you can hang your new swing from a tree or structure that you alredy have in your garden.

Relax in the shade of your favourite tree or beside your pool under a buildings overhang. If you have the spot where you would like to sit, we can see about getting you the right seat and fittings to make your dreams come true. 

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