Wooden Swing Seats for the Garden

Garden Swing Seats

Bespoke, Handcrafted Garden Swing Seats

All of our garden swing seats are one of a kind, hand crafted, and beautifully finished. Prices displayed are guideline prices including VAT but excluding delivery and assembly.

Click on an image to find out more about the product. Every swing seat can be ordered online directly through our website, or you can contact us at any stage for a quotation or discussion about what you would like.

Swinging Day Bed

Swinging Day Bed in Oak

£3,599.00 - £8,159.00

The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed

The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed

£8,994.00 - £14,493.00

Garden Swing Seat - The Kyokusen in Curved Oak

Kyokusen Oak Swing Seat Range

£5,111.00 - £5,351.00

Garden Swing Seat - The Tranquillity Range

Tranquillity Oak Swing Seat Range

£2,675.00 - £3,215.00

Garden Swing Seat - The Harmony Range in Pine

Harmony Pine Swing Seat Range

£2,375.00 - £2,807.00

Garden Swing Seat - The Yakisugi

The Yakisugi Swing Seat

£5,110.00 - £5,351.00

Rocking Garden Bench - The Rockabye

Rockabye Swinging Bench

£2,279.00 - £3,059.00

The Trilogy

The Trilogy

£1,739.00 - £3,898.00

Swing Seats Only

Swing Seats Only

£1,643.00 - £3,155.00

Swing Seats For Trees

Swing Seats For Trees

£1,643.00 - £3,155.00

The Pergola

The Pergola

£2,999.00 - £5,459.00

Why Choose a Wooden Swinging Bench?

The perfect place to sit and swing can make all the difference when it comes to making the most of your outdoor living space, and wooden garden furniture is the natural choice for any garden. Our personal service ensures that your swinging bench will be the perfect match for your garden space. If you've got a suitable pergola, tree, or patio then we sell swing chairs without a frame (trying to find a well-made patio swing chair is the very reason that Martin Young founded Siting Spiritually). Our most popular range of garden swing seats are those that come with their own frame - a garden swing seat in a frame means your new outdoor seat can find a home absolutely anywhere in your garden.

"They treat each swing seat like a new member of the family."

Sitting Spiritually treats each swing seat like it's a new member of the family it's going to.

Working directly with customers from the outset Martin ensures they have everything they need from accessories to cushions and carvings.

Martin Young has turned a functional seat into an object of beauty.


About Our Swing Seats

Martin Young started Sitting Spiritually back in 2004. Having invested the time and effort to build the garden he had always wanted (read our blog about the Sitting Spiritually garden) Martin set about trying to buy one of the evocative solid wooden swing seats he had often seen in American films. However after months of research he was unable to find anywhere to buy his perfect seat and eventually Martin came to the realisation that the only way to get his dream swing seat was to source the wood and build it.

Since then Sitting Spiritually has grown to become the only garden swing manufacturer licensed by the Royal Horticultural Society. We hand craft highly desirable bespoke garden swing seats from oak, painted pine, Accoya and Cedar. Our garden swing seats and benches are available with five different back designs and in a variety of sizes. If you’re looking for something a little different we can even provide you with a garden swing seat to hang from a suitable tree or from a pergola. If you don’t have a suitable tree or space for a frame we even make a rocking swing seat just for you. Isn’t it time you were Sitting Spiritually?

Curved Oak Swing Seat
2 Seater Swing Seats at Forde Abbey

Our Garden Furniture Design Process

Our seats, benches and swings have been ergonomically designed and tested to ensure you always get the best seating position. The fixings we use allow the swing chair to subtly adjust as it rocks, maintaining balance and comfort however long you choose to be seated there. After all, to be Sitting Spiritually you must be sitting comfortably.

Many of our designs are influenced by the sea and countryside around the Dorset Coast where we live. Using these influences we start to add carvings, or perhaps inlay ammonites from the Jurassic Coast, of for a real personal touch we can add wording to each commission. We carefully select each piece of timber to ensure the colour, wood grain and finished shape all work in harmony.

Our daughter Lucy is also closely involved with the initial garden furniture design designs. A successful and in-demand artist in her own right, Lucy can interpret client's personal ideas and incorporate these into something that is truly special to them. 

We have our five swing seat ranges to choose from, so once you have decided which best suits you, you'll then need to decide which timber you would prefer; the natural finish of sturdy FSC Oak or the warm, durable Western Red Cedar. Or maybe you would prefer to choose preservative treated pine and have it painted to your own specific colour. We have one seater, two seater, three seaters and four seater swing seats available giving you a wide range to meet your needs. 

Please feel free to call me directly to discuss your design requirements on 01297 443084.

Martin and Celia

Serenity 3 Seat Garden Swing
Contemporary Swing Seat 3 Seater

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sitting Spiritually swing seats the best?

14 years of research into making our swings beautiful,  not just to look at, but with such detailed ergonomics that once you sit on them – you won’t want to get off.

We honed in on the finest details over the years, concise changes in angles and shapes that will refine and improve our products. The seats we manufacture now are undoubtedly better than the ones we first made when we started out, in another 10 years time we expect to be able to say the exact same thing.

The quality of the material we use is incredibly important to us. We regularly seek to find new suppliers or timbers that are an improvement on what we have been using.

Can I hang a swing seat from a tree?

Yes. They’re great fun! The first thing we need to know is how high the bough is, and what the girth of the bough is.

One thing we can never guarantee is that the tree will be strong enough. If you’re in any doubt, contact your local tree surgeon and ask them to verify it.

What are my options for the back of my swing seat?

At the moment, we offer 5 different shaped backs that are all the same price.

We have a Fan Back which has historically been the most popular, a Slat Back which offers an ergonomic benefit of improved lumber support, a Curve back, a Swirl back or our Arts & Crafts Movement inspired Heart Back.

What wood do you use?

All of the wood we use comes under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) meaning we know what tree it has come from.

The Kyokusen, Tranquillity and the swinging day bed are both made with oak that grows on the Northern border of Germany near Poland. In our experience, the further East in to Europe you travel the slower the wood grows and the denser it is, meaning it is incredibly tough (much to our makers troubles!) and long-lasting.

The Serenity swing seat comes in Western Red Cedar which we source from Canada. We’ve experimented with English Red Cedar but found it grows too fast and doesn’t have the properties we need.

We also use preservative treated Scandinavian Pine for our Harmony range, a grade called ‘unsorted’ which is the highest quality available, resulting in fewer knots. 

For more frequently asked questions please see the Garden Swing Seats FAQ page

How to Hang a Garden Swing Seat

Watch as founder of Sitting Spiritually Martin takes you through the process of hanging a garden swing seat. If you have any questions, just get in contact with us for any advice or guidance on where to place your swing seat. We'll work alongside you to make sure everything is just right for your garden.

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