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Fixing Down Shoe

Keeping you grounded

It's important to ensure that your new garden furniture is steady and stable, the only movement for your swing should be a gentle back and forth!

Fixing Down Shoe

Can I just rest the legs on the ground?

For large pieces of furniture like Day Beds and Pergolas it's best to secure them to the ground. 

Depending on the type of ground and the size of the furniture, we recommend two different kinds of ground fixings to ensure you don't have any movement or damage to the legs. 

Soft Ground 

We provide longer legs as standard to allow for digging in and concreting in place.

This means that the core structure and height remains perfectly in place. 

Pergola fixed to hard surface
Pergola fixed to hard surface

Hard Ground

For firm ground, we can provide stainless steel 'shoes' for all four legs of the Pergola. 

They simply screw into the ground for a beautiful clean finish. 

Fixing Down Shoe
Fixing Down Shoe

Suitable for Any Surface

Our furniture can be situated in any part of your garden, our ground fixings can help you ensure the stability of your furniture and extend the life of the product by protecing it from (some of) the elements! If you're unsure about whether your ground is hard or soft then just get in touch and we can discuss the options with you. 

Pergola with Swing Seat situated in a garden
Swinging Day Bed
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