Leather Rope Swing
Leather Rope Swing Close Up

Leather Rope Swing

A masterclass in comfort, sink into our sumptuous Leather Rope Swing for a nostalgic experience guaranteed to make you smile.

Our Leather Rope Swing is made for both indoor and outdoor use (though it absolutely needs to go somewhere safe and dry when it's raining!)

It's brilliantly detailed, down to the intricate hand-stitching from an English Master Saddler using handmade thread. This is stitched into the finest quality, naturally tanned, unique and full-grain bridle leather for peerless quality. Our materials and craftsmanship are all impeccably British.

All of our swings are made to order, so your swing will be unfailingly just for you. The size is 26cm deep and 53cm wide (that's 50cm between the ropes).

Each swing will include:

Two 5m long hempex ropes, 16mm thick, one each for the sides of the swing. They're also available in 8m and 10m lengths if needed. All come with fixing clips.

If you're not sure about what length rope you'll need or would like to place an order over the phone, please call us on 01297 443084.

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leather rope swing from above 2.jpg
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We do have available our stainless steel pivot sets. They create a smooth and seamless swinging experience. To enquire about having these, please contact Martin on 01297 443084 or 07837 651283

Note if you have ordered and single high oak frame or The Trilogy they will come complete with the correct ropes and pivot sets 

We will need to know the ceiling/beam height.

The kit consists of   

2x 10mm stainless steel eyebolts 200mm long ( Longer available upon request)

2x stainless steel 8mm D shackles

2x specially made nylon pivot bushes 

2x bespoke length ropes spiced in thimbles (as shown)

These cost £99.50

Special pivots for your Swing by Sitting Spiritually
D-Shackles Swing Seat Sitting Spiritually


Made especially for Sitting Spiritually products, our d-shackles create a wonderfully smooth swinging experience.

Stainless Steel Eyebolt

Stainless Steel Eyebolts

Our stainless steel eyebolts with a woodscrew thread are commonly used for hanging indoors and screwing in to an existing ceiling.

Eyebolt for Beams

Eyebolts for Beams

These eyebolts are specifically for hanging swing seats and rope swings on beams and come in 65mm, 200mm and 300mm.

Rope Swing Accessories

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