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Memorial Benches

A memorial bench can be a thoughtful and tasteful way of remembering those loved ones who have sadly passed. For friends and family, the idea of a carefully designed, personalised bench finding a home in that person or beloved pet’s favourite spot is a great source of comfort. So, every time they visit that local park, that often-visited woodland area or seafront, their memory will live on. Some might prefer to have a bench installed in their back garden to remind them of their dearly missed and give them the chance to quietly reflect on their life. 

Here at Sitting Spiritually, we understand how difficult it can be to lose those closest to us. So we’re very proud to be able to offer a beautiful range of memorial benches, lovingly handcrafted by our team of highly-skilled carpenters with years of experience behind them. We have a number of different carvings, illustrations and inscription options available, to add that extra personal touch - a loving tribute to those sadly departed.

Rest assured that our team will be with you at every step of the way to ensure your bench is designed exactly how you want it - so the memory of your loved one can be perfectly captured.

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Memorial Benches

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Carvings & Inscriptions

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Carvings & Inscriptions

To best commemorate the life of your friend, relative or family pet, we have a range of methods by which to personalize your bench. As well as crafting the bench from scratch to your own precise specifications, we can also include a number of different carvings and illustrations to create an impressive memorial.

We can install both wooden or bronze carvings - perhaps you’d like a silhouette of a cherished dog or the favourite flower of a loved one. We can cater for all tastes, no matter how subtle or unconventional. To leave a thoughtful note, poem, epitaph or anniversary date, we can carve into your bench any inscription you desire.

Alternatively, we can also finish your memorial bench with a beautifully handworked inset carving. Whether it’s a much-visited tree or something with a rich connection to your friend or family member, we’re here to help however we can.

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Planning Your Memorial Seat

After liaising with our team and deciding on the particulars of your legacy purchase - its structure, back styles, wood choices, carvings and inscriptions - the next step is to find a home for it. As with any permanent commemorative installation, there needs to be an element of planning involved, particularly if you wish to put the bench in a public setting - like a park or on a seafront. 

So that your token of remembrance finds its perfect resting place, it’s important to contact the relevant local authorities to put forward your proposal. For more information, feel free to peruse our FAQs section, where we try and tackle some of the finer details of memorial bench installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get permission to install a bench at a certain location?

It’s important to note that different local authority councils have different rules when it comes to installing memorial benches. Those guidelines will determine where it can be located, who installs it, and who is accountable for its maintenance and upkeep.

The majority of public benches will need to be greenlit by the local council, or whichever public body is responsible for the land on which you wish to install the bench.

Who installs the bench?

The local council will need to make sure that any memorial bench installed in a public setting abides by all the necessary health and safety guidelines. Installation needs to be carried out in a way that puts public safety first.

In the majority of cases, the local authorities will insist on installing the bench themselves to make sure it meets their strict standards. There will be a fee attached to this process - we would expect this to normally be around £120. Although this can depend on the surface on which your memorial bench is to be installed. Concrete paving, for example, will require more robust fixings and thus, a greater cost.

Who is responsible for the upkeep of the bench?

In most cases, the local authorities will be in charge of the upkeep of a memorial bench in a public location.

This, however, doesn’t stop you doing your bit to make sure the bench is looking in tip-top shape. If you do decide to add a coat of varnish or paint, be sure to contact the relevant authorities to find out what provisions you need to follow to ensure public safety.

Can I have a bench installed on National Trust property or any other privately-owned land?

If you wish your commemorative bench to be installed on land owned by the National Trust - or on any other privately-owned property - you must contact them first for permission.

Memorial benches are a hugely popular choice for our customers - a perfect legacy purchase to commemorate the passing of a loved one - but it’s vital to follow the advice and guidelines of the correct authorities first.

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