Wood Ageing & Finishing

Our new ageing process for Oak

Oak ageing process accelerator for an aged wood finish. See below before and after photos of the applied treatment on a swing seat supplied to the National Trust.

Can I leave my swing seat out over winter?

It's a question we're often asked, and the answer is absolutely yes. It might surprise you to know that we actually recommend it. The changing seasons of our climates is a vital part of the wood maturing process, helping the wood mellow to a wonderful silvery colour. 

It's important to keep the wood clean and regularly treated to ensure it keeps looking it's best. You can find out more about cleaning and looking after your wooden furniture here.

When we were  asked to provide swing seats to the National Trust  they were keen for us to set it up and make it look like a mature seat to match the other garden furniture.

Here is the 3 seater garden swing seat Tranquillity Fan Back and A frame showing a nice weathered appearance after our ageing process (left) and before (right):-

National Trust wood ageing process - swing seat
Aging oak swing seat

What this will do is:

Looks instantly like aged and mature Oak

Will turn to silver more gracefully

Won't discharge tannin onto light coloured paving when new

The treatment cost is £195 + VAT (£234.00) seat and frame £139 + VAT (£166.80) seat only...

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