Open Weekends 2019

In the Sitting Spiritually Garden this Summer......

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Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2019
Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May 2019

10am to 5pm all days

We look forward to seeing you in the Sitting Spiritually garden this Summer!

Entry is free.  Parking available at the venue.  Free refreshments will be served.

For a full list of other Exhibitors, see below.....

Other Exhibitors in the Garden on 4th & 5th May will be:

Adrian Gray Stone Balancing

Adrian Gray is the pioneer of stonebalancing art. He works predominantly with sculpture and photography,  exploring  the natural world of balance. He creates balancing sculptures using weathered stone ranging in size from  small tactile rocks to massive granite boulders. These sculptures can be fixed permanently in their balanced position to be installed safety in homes, gardens and commercial settings. Adrian films the initial balance and then fixes the sculpture in its new location.

Ed Brooks Furniture

Ed Brooks Furniture specialise in the design and construction of bespoke outdoor wooden furniture, produced using sustainably sourced English hardwood’s such as Oak and Chestnut.  All furniture is uniquely designed to encompass the organic nature of the timber, its surroundings and your requirements.

Alex Brooks Furniture

Organically inspired, contemporary solid wood furniture.  Alex Brooks Furniture beautifully showcases the origins of wood through the natural patterns & unique textures of the material. A balanced blend of traditional & modern methods are used to capture the integrity of the wood without unnecessary alteration, resulting in forward-thinking authentic & organic designs.

Arc & Anvil

Arc and Anvil Fabrication was set up by Richard and Lottie Birchall with the intention of supplying high quality bespoke wrought iron work. Their range of work includes gates and railings, furniture and accessories for both home and garden, as well as a range of ground care, compact tractor and smallholder equipment. From their workshop in Axminster, Devon they use traditional blacksmithing techniques through to modern day equipment and technology which means there is not a lot they cannot make for you so if you are looking for bespoke made to measure iron work why not give them a call arrange a visit to the workshop to see how and what they do. Their aim is to turn your vision into reality.

Jarmanmurphy Garden Design

Sarah Jarman & Anna Murphy are Award Winning Garden Designers who have worked extensively on the Sitting Spiirtually Garden.They  are inspired by nature and the landscape, and seek to develop the patterns and feel of a place rather than manipulate it into something it is not. Balancing the ideas of their clients with a sense of place and site conditions, they create beautiful, immersive gardens.

Hog & Tallow

Handmade British Soap
A sustainable soap, lovingly crafted with locally sourced tallow, West Country rapeseed oil and foraged botanicals. Hog & Tallow soaps came about in 2015 when they couldn't think of what to do with the excess fat from the rare breed pigs on our smallholding. They researched using lard and tallow in traditional soap making and began the process of experimenting with ingredients and recipes. The idea grew into using other good quality waste products from local cottage industries such as micro-breweries and dairies along with our own foraged botanicals. The products they came up with use predominantly British local ingredients and use as much local waste and by-products as possible creating a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly and lush to use. Their soaps contain 100% natural ingredients with no nasties or palm oil.

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