Oak Tree Swings for the Garden

There’s something singularly magical about a rope swing, beautifully hand made and finished to the highest quality. Whether tied simply to a tree bough like something out of a fairy tale, mounted to our spacious and secure oak frame, or crafted of oak or leather, there’s a rope swing for you.

For that extra touch of magic, we can work with you to create a personal inscription or carving to make your rope swing truly personal. 

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Stunning kiln-dried Oak Rope Swing with hempex ropes. Comes with full fixing kit.

Stunning kiln-dried Children's Oak Rope Swing with hempex ropes. Comes with full fixing kit.

Room for two? Swing away with a loved one with our gorgeous Oak double rope swing.

This rope swing is perfect for the child at heart in you. Customise with any inscription.

Beautiful, classic sturdy oak frame custom built in three different sizes.

One frame, three seats. A unique, fully customisable frame gives you the option of different configurations.

Featuring a knot known as a "monkey fist knot", these rope swings unfailingly bring joy and laughter to any garden.

Perfect for interior use, the leather rope swing is hand stitched by an English Master Saddler.

What should I look for when buying a Rope Swing?

There’s nothing in life quite the same as sitting on a rope swing and watching the world fly beneath your feet. Whether you’re a child, an adult or a couple. Our Oak rope swings can be hung from your own tree or - if you don’t have the right tree in your garden - can be fixed to one of our high oak frames.

Our ropes are made by a highly respected marine rope maker, and threaded through the swings to avoid splitting. Our rope swings are strengthened with battens, and we provide a unique, simple, no knots hanging system as standard.

All of our rope swings can be engraved with an optional inscription of your choice. Why not order yours from our website today?

Watch as Martin guides you through the decision making process for purchasing a bespoke Rope Swing.

"Elegant, Robust & Beautifully Made"

Our new rope swing is an elegant, robust and beautifully made addition to the garden. It was simple to hang and is of the best quality one could hope for. A timeless, classic swing that looks as though it has been lifted from the illustrations of a much loved children’s book. Many thanks for the craftsmanship, love and care that have gone into this swing. May we all approach everything that we do and make with the same ethos.

CP, Customer review

Our Pledge: For Every Order - We Will Plant A Tree

We are working with Creating Tomorrow's Forests, so any future purchases you make with us will come with a certificate showing the name and location of your tree(s).

You don't need to do or sign anything, and there are no additional costs involved. As a company, we want to help the environment, and this seemed the most relevant way for us to play our part.

Creating Tomorrows Forest's have planted almost 8 million trees around the UK, we're going to help them plant even more.

Wooden Swings for Adults

Not all wooden swings are for children. Adult swings are made from oak and are made to hang from either a tree or a high oak frame. There are few things in life quite like swinging and watching the world go by. Wooden swings for adults give you the chance to relax and watch the world go by in comfort on our customised rope swing seats. Not sure if the rope swing is for you? Take a look at our range of garden swing seats

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