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Sensory Swings for the Garden

The way we process sensory input directly affects the way we experience the world.

Although everyone processes touch, sound, sight, smell and taste slightly differently, for some it’s not such a seamless, unconscious process.

In fact, it’s estimated that up to 16% of the general population(1) have symptoms relating to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD),  and the numbers increase amongst both autistic children and adults and those diagnosed with ADHD.

Handcrafted in the South West

Delivered & Assembled On-Site

5 Unique Back Styles

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Enhance your garden with the RHS Four Seasons Swing Seat. Experience timeless elegance and exceptional craftsmanship. Shop now for luxury outdoor living.

A timeless design classic. Stunning, durable FSC Oak creates a warm golden glow perfect for any garden space.

A stunning curved oak frame design, the Kyokusen has two 'wishbone' sides and a striking curved oak beam across the top.

Made from the highly durable Accoya. A painted finish for a stylish addition to the garden.

A popular lighter frame made from beautiful Cedar. One of our RHS licensed ranges and the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Any of our swing seat that can be hung from your own structure, supplied with full fittings.

While away the hours under the sanctuary of a tree. Supplied with all the necessary fixings to hang. The very best in garden swing chairs.

Ultimate luxury. A striking swinging bed and pergola for the family to enjoy. Add cushions, UV screens, mattresses and drinks holders for extra comfort and supreme decadence.

Transform your garden or patio with a beautifully elegant Day Bed & Canopy perfect for those long summer evenings. Please contact us to enquire about this variation on our Swinging Day Bed.

Inspired by the popularity of our Swinging Day Bed, the Single Day Bed is handcrafted by Dorset-based master craftsmen from FSC certified oak. The smaller size makes it the perfect candidate for use as an indoor day bed or outdoors in more compact garden spaces, a versatile, beautiful addition to any home.

Stunning kiln-dried Oak Rope Swing with hempex ropes. Comes with full fixing kit.

Stunning kiln-dried Children's Oak Rope Swing with hempex ropes. Comes with full fixing kit.

Room for two? Swing away with a loved one with our gorgeous Oak double rope swing.

This rope swing is perfect for the child at heart in you. Customise with any inscription.

Beautiful, classic sturdy oak frame custom built in three different sizes.

Perfect for interior use, the leather rope swing is hand stitched by an English Master Saddler.

One frame, three seats. A unique, fully customisable frame gives you the option of different configurations.

Sit back and relax in this contemporary rocking garden bench—ideal for the smaller garden.

The RHS Four Seasons Bench is the perfect outdoor seat for those who cherish their gardens and the ever-changing visual splendour of the seasons.

Inspired by the timeless 17th century Knole Settee, a unique and striking bench.

Renowned for character and durability, impeccably finished garden benches are available in any of our styles.

A contemporary 3 seater prime grade oak bench.

Bespoke built pergolas for a beautiful 'room' like feel in any garden.

Created by our craftsmen for your exacting standards.

Custom-built by our master craftsmen, our small-size pergolas are the perfect solution for city gardens or where outdoor space is at a premium—designed and built to your exacting standards and landscaping needs.

When you're buying a gift as unique as one of our products it can be really hard to know you've chosen everything exactly right. Why not order a gift card and allow the recipient to choose the exact product they would like.

A delightful hand made and hand carved occasional table in the shape of an ammonite. As it's made from FSC kiln dried Oak can be used indoors or outdoors. Inset with a genuine ammonite. Dimensions approx. 450mm diameter and 400mm height.

Hand made from FSC Certified Kiln Dried Oak. Price includes up to 10 letters which will be hand carved around the stool’s edge, additional letters available at £10 per letter. Dimensions of the Dorset Milking Stool, approximately 45cm high and 35cm wide.

To protect your beautifully handcrafted swing seats and garden benches from everything that mother nature has to offer—and keep them looking in pristine condition throughout the year—we bring you the ultimate all-weather garden furniture cover.

Make the most of our Spring sale and save £500!

Simply place a £250 deposit to secure any swing seat, garden bench, day bed, or pergola and we’ll refund you £500 once the order is complete.

Ready for spring? Your journey to the perfect garden starts today!

Our wooden garden furniture maintenance kit has everything you need to keep your outdoor seating looking its best. With Net-Trol Wood Cleaner and a scrubbing brush, feeding oil with a brush to apply, protective gloves, two different sandpaper grits and methanol cleaner for your brushes, this kit makes it easy to clean and protect your wooden furniture and restore it. These are the products we use as part of our refurbishment service.

Net-Trol can be used on all of our unpainted swing seat range as a cleaning product. It restores weathered wood to its natural colour without affecting the fibers, gently removing dirt that naturally becomes ingrained over time.

Deks Olje D1 feeding oil can be used on all of our oak products - the Swinging Day Bed, the Kyokusen, the Tranquillity, the Yakisugi, the Oak Rockabye, the Oak Trilogy, our Rope Swings, our Benches and our Pergolas.


Back Style

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Stunning kiln-dried Oak Rope Swing with hempex ropes. Comes with full fixing kit.

Stunning kiln-dried Children's Oak Rope Swing with hempex ropes. Comes with full fixing kit.

Room for two? Swing away with a loved one with our gorgeous Oak double rope swing.

This rope swing is perfect for the child at heart in you. Customise with any inscription.

Beautiful, classic sturdy oak frame custom built in three different sizes.

Perfect for interior use, the leather rope swing is hand stitched by an English Master Saddler.

One frame, three seats. A unique, fully customisable frame gives you the option of different configurations.

What is a sensory swing?

A sensory swing provides a regular, rhythmic motion which soothes the person using it and they can be particularly helpful for people who have trouble with their vestibular system, something common for those who also experience symptoms of SPD.

Located in the inner ear, research has shown that as well as balance and movement, the vestibular system also plays a critical function in other systems like the experience of other sensations, giving it a big role in self-regulation.

Rhythmic motions such as rocking and swinging have been proven to help strengthen the vestibular system(2), as well as helping in the moment when a child is feeling overstimulated - especially if they are able to control the movement themselves.

The Benefits of a Sensory Swing

Although our swing seats are not specifically developed to be sensory swings, over the years we’ve helped many people who have purchased from us with that exact purpose in mind.

  • Soothing motion for those struggling with over stimulation

  • The ability to sit next to someone and be rocked back and forth, or swing back and forth alone.

  • Comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time

  • Developing a connection to nature and the outdoors has been proven to assist with increasing sensory regulation and self-discovery in children. (3)

"Helps to maintain calm and a safe space"

Our daughter was recently diagnosed with ASD and she’s found that sitting on her swing helps her to maintain her calm and safe space. Sometimes she’ll just happily sit on the swing, other times will swing for a couple of hours at a time. Either way we’re happy that she’s happy, and also sitting on an extremely high quality and safe swing.”

A Recent Customer of Sitting Spiritually

The Look and Feel of a Sitting Spiritually Outdoor Sensory Swing

When it comes to sensory input, the feel of the materials our sensory swings are made from is just as important as the motion. 

With every swing seat made in the UK by a master craftsman, attention to detail is second-to-none. That means that everything is sanded to an incredibly high standard ensuring a lovely smooth finish for our Tranquillity Oak and Serenity Cedar swing seats.

For those who don’t like the feel of natural timber, our painted Accoya range has a really thick, smooth painted finish, and is available in a huge variety of colour options. When it comes to the longevity of your garden swing seat, we have detailed instructions on maintenance.

However, years down the line we also offer a service whereby we can pick up your seat, take it back to the workshop, and perform maintenance before delivering and reassembling in your back garden.

Request a Wood Sample

We know it can be difficult making important purchases when you haven’t been able to see or feel the product in question, so if you would like a wood sample, please pop in your details and let us know how you’d prefer to be contacted, and for the cost of postage we can send you a sample of your chosen seat. 

Alternatively, if you would rather visit a seat in person, please do come and visit us at the Sitting Spiritually garden, or see if there’s a seat near you using our swing seat map. 

Contact Us For A Wood Sample

Take a Look at How Our Seats Move

Outdoor Sensory Swing Recommendations

Day Beds

Perhaps our best sensory swing for families, our day beds are especially popular with families who have multiple children. Great for stories in the garden.

Swing Seats

A customer favourite, one of our swing benches would make a great sensory swing for adults and children alike. The rhythmic movement is perfect for a bit of calm.

Rope Swings

Have a tree or suitable structure to hang from? Our oak rope swings are perfect to hang for a smooth, calming motion.

Rockabye Bench

Prefer something a little more static, or where space is tight? If you’re looking for a sensory swing for kids or adults who would prefer a rocking motion, our popular Rockabye benches are ideal.

Purchasing Your Sensory Swing

The purchasing process, step-by-step

Choosing your perfect seat 

You can take a look through our entire range of beautiful swing seats here on our website, or if you prefer reading from paper, you can request a brochure.

Every one of our swing seats is available with five unique back styles and range of accessories, and we have other customisation options such as engraving, too. If the choice seems a bit overwhelming, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your ideas and requirements - we’re more than happy to make suggestions based on what you’re looking for.

Paying Your Deposit

Once you’ve paid your £250 deposit, your order is secure. You can either pay by creating your order online, or by contacting us by phone or email - whichever you prefer.. We never take a deposit until you have confirmed that you’re fully happy to proceed. 

Sit back, relax and we'll make your sensory swing seat

Once you’ve fully approved your commissioned seat, one of our master craftsmen will get to work creating your one-off piece. This generally takes around four weeks, but if you have a different requirement let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Delivery Direct To Your Garden

All of our seats are delivered and assembled by experienced delivery personnel. A swing seat takes around half an hour to put together, and no power tools are used for this - just a mallet to hit in the posts.. A pergola with a swing seat takes a full day to assemble, and does involve the use of power tools. Our Rockabye range doesn’t require assembly at all.

Our Garden Furniture Design Process

Our products have been ergonomically designed and tested to ensure you always get the best seating position. The fixings we use allow the chair to subtly adjust as it rocks, maintaining balance and comfort - however long you choose to be seated there. After all, to be Sitting Spiritually you must be sitting comfortably.

Many of our designs are influenced by the sea and countryside around the Dorset Coast. Because of these influences, we started to add carvings, then inlay ammonites from the Jurassic Coast. For a really personal touch, we can inscribe words into your new garden furniture. We carefully select each piece of timber to ensure the colour, wood grain and finished shape all work in harmony.

Our daughter Lucy was closely involved with the initial garden furniture designs. A successful and in-demand artist in her own right, Lucy interprets your ideas and incorporate these into something that is truly special. Something unique. 

We have five swing seat ranges to choose from. Once you have decided which best suits you, you'll then need to decide which timber you would prefer. The natural finish of sturdy FSC Oak or the warm, durable Western Red Cedar. Maybe you would prefer to choose preservative treated pine and have it painted to your own specific colour.

We have one seater, two seater, three seaters and four seater swing seats available. We offer such a range to make sure we can make the perfect seat for you. 

Please feel free to call me directly to discuss your design requirements on 01297 443084.

Martin and Celia

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