Garden Swing Seats & Benches

All of the garden swing seats available to buy in our range are made in the South West of England with dedication, skill, and passion. What unifies our outdoor furniture pieces is that they are all handcrafted and beautifully finished with the finest timber, making them the perfect focal centrepiece for your garden.

Handcrafted in the South West

Delivery & Assembly On-Site Available

5 Unique Back Styles

The Only Swing Seat Maker Endorsed by the RHS

350+ 5* Reviews on Trustpilot and Google

Garden Swing Seats

Tranquillity Oak Swing Seat

5 back styles available
1, 2, 3 and 4 seaters available
Delivery and assembly available

Kyokusen Oak Swing Seat

5 back styles available
2, 3 and 4 seaters available
Delivery and assembly available

Affinity Painted Accoya Swing Seat

5 back styles available
1, 2, 3 and 4 seaters available
Delivery and assembly available

RHS Serenity Cedar Swing Seat

5 back styles available
1, 2, 3 and 4 seaters available
Delivery and assembly available

Swing Seats Only

5 back styles available
1, 2, 3 and 4 seaters available
Delivery and assembly available

Swing Seats For Trees

5 back styles available
1, 2, 3 and 4 seaters available
Delivery and assembly available

The Trilogy

3 seat configurations
Chair, rope swing or swing seat
Delivery and assembly available

Single Oak Frame

Available in 3 sizes
Rope swing or chair available
Delivery and assembly available

Browse our range of luxury garden furniture above.  Choose from a range of sizes including one seater swing seats, two seater swing seats, three seater swing seats and four seater swing seats. Crafted and finished to perfection, our seats are also available in a range of different timbers each with their own unique properties. Choose from Oak Swing Seats, Cedar Swing Seats or for a splash of colour - our painted swing seat range.

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"Absolutely Exceptional"

From our first visit to Martin at Sitting Spiritually in Lyme Regis, right up until the delivery of our wonderful seat a few days ago, the professionalism and service from everyone involved, has been second to none. We were kept well informed about every aspect of our commission and responses to any of our queries were swift and always helpful.

The craftsmanship and design is superb, resulting in a work of art and a fabulously comfortable seat. Master craftsmen in these days of mass production are a joy to find.

William Morris’s wish was that the contents of our homes ( and of course our gardens! ) should be either beautiful or useful. Well, with our Sitting Spiritually commission, we have both!

Pauline, Trustpilot Review

Handcrafted swing seat being made in the workshop

Why buy a garden swing seat or swinging bench?

Swing chairs can make the perfect central focus for outdoor living. Similar to hammocks, they're wonderful investments that can be enjoyed by the family for years to come. When looked after, wooden swing seats can retain that beautiful new look for decades. The wood is a lovely alternative to metal swing seats, blending in naturally to all surroundings whether it's on the patio or the lawn. 

We have swing seats for all types, whether you're hanging from a tree, prefer a freestanding frame or even a pergola. Bask in total relaxation on our 3 seater or 4 seater swings, pop your favourite tipple on the drinks shelf, lay down and enjoy the sunshine. 

Tight on space? You might prefer our smaller wooden garden chairs, or our one or two seater variations. Whatever you're looking for, enjoy the beautiful outdoor with our range of garden swing seats.

Painted swing seat set amongst shrubs

Why buy a swing seat from Sitting Spiritually?

Relaxing, eye-catching and made from gorgeous natural timbers.

Sitting Spiritually has grown to become the only garden swing manufacturer licensed by the Royal Horticultural Society. We handcraft highly desirable bespoke wooden swing seats from oak, painted accoya and cedar. 

Our swing seats, occasionally known as swing benches or swinging hammocks, are available with five different back designs and in a variety of sizes.

Looking for something a little different? We offer swing and framesgarden benches, pergola and seats and of course a stunning range of swinging seats for the garden. If you don’t have a suitable tree or space for a frame we even make a rocking seat just for you. 

Isn’t it time you were Sitting Spiritually?

Our Swing Bench Design Process

Our products have been ergonomically designed and tested to ensure you always get the best seating position. The fixings allow the chair to subtly adjust as it rocks and sways, maintaining balance and comfort - however long you choose to be seated there.

After all, to be Sitting Spiritually you must be sitting comfortably.


Many of our designs are influenced by the sea and countryside around the Dorset Coast. Whilst the egg chair designs may have risen in popularity in recent years, we believe our furniture remains as classic and timeless as ever. With the Jurassic Coast as our influence, we've added subtle accessories such as carvings and inset ammonites. For a really personal touch, we can inscribe words into your new garden furniture. We carefully select each piece of timber to ensure the colour, wood grain and finished shape all work in harmony.

Styles & Options

We have five swing seat ranges to choose from. Once you have decided which best suits you, you'll then need to decide which timber you would prefer. The natural finish of sturdy FSC Oak or the warm, durable Western Red Cedar. Maybe you would prefer to choose the durable Accoya and have it painted to your own specific colour.

We have one seater, two seater, three seaters and four seater swing seats available. We offer such a range to make sure we can make the perfect seat for you. 

Please feel free to call us directly to discuss your
design requirements on 01297 443084.

Our swing seat design process >

How to hang a Garden Swing Seat

Watch as we take you through the process of hanging a garden swing seat. If you have any questions, just get in contact with us. We're happy to give advice or guidance on where to place your outdoor swing for adults.

We can help with anything from a swinging chair for the garden to a 3 seater swing. Even a 3 person swing bed with canopy! We'll work alongside you to make sure everything is just right for your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sitting Spiritually swing seats the best?

14 years of research into making our swings beautiful, not just to look at, but with such detailed ergonomics that once you sit on them – you won’t want to get off.

We honed in on the finest details over the years, concise changes in angles and shapes that will refine and improve our products. The seats we manufacture now are undoubtedly better than the ones we first made when we started out, in another 10 years time we expect to be able to say the exact same thing.

The quality of the material we use is incredibly important to us. We regularly seek to find new suppliers or timbers that are an improvement on what we have been using.

Can I hang a swing seat from a tree?

Yes. They’re great fun! The first thing we need to know is how high the bough is, and what the girth of the bough is.

One thing we can never guarantee is that the tree will be strong enough. If you’re in any doubt, contact your local tree surgeon and ask them to verify it.

What are my options for the back of my swing seat?

At the moment, we offer 5 different shaped backs that are all the same price.

We have a Fan Back which has historically been the most popular, a Slat Back which offers an ergonomic benefit of improved lumber support, a Curve back, a Swirl back or our Arts & Crafts Movement inspired Heart Back.

What wood do you use?

All of the wood we use comes under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) meaning we know what tree it has come from.

The Kyokusen, Tranquillity and the swinging day bed are both made with oak that grows on the Northern border of Germany near Poland. In our experience, the further East in to Europe you travel the slower the wood grows and the denser it is, meaning it is incredibly tough (much to our makers troubles!) and long-lasting.

The Serenity swing seat comes in Western Red Cedar which we source from Canada. We’ve experimented with English Red Cedar but found it grows too fast and doesn’t have the properties we need.

We also use preservative treated Scandinavian Pine for our Harmony range, a grade called ‘unsorted’ which is the highest quality available, resulting in fewer knots. 

Why should I choose your Garden Swing Seats?

These are not your standard garden benches or loungers.

In the chaos and uncertainty of modern life, our garden swing seats gift you the perfect opportunity to soothe the residual anxieties of the day. Handcrafted by our team of makers in the South West, our seats allow you to relax and unwind while swinging softly in the breeze, keeping you mindful yet totally calm.

Why not make the most of your outdoor living space and create the perfect place to sit and swing? Our wooden garden furniture is the natural choice for any garden, due to every piece being hard-wearing, beautiful to behold and with a 5 year guarantee on all products.

I’m not sure if my garden will accommodate a swing seat

 Our personal service ensures that your swinging bench will be the perfect match for your garden space.

 Our seats combine beauty with convenience, meaning our framed garden swing seats can find a home absolutely anywhere in your garden.

For more frequently asked questions,
please see the Garden Swing Seats FAQ page

Swing Seat FAQ >

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