The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed

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The Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed

Day Bed Size
Fibre Optic LED Lights
Bottle Holder
Glasses Holder
Suspension Springs
Cylinder Cushion (back)
Cylinder Side Cushion Fabric
Side Cylinder Cushion Colour
Mini Cylinder
Large scatter cushions
Carved inscription
Price each

    Ordering the Oak Canopy Swinging Day Bed

    £250 deposit taken when ordering online, balance payable prior to delivery. Manufacturing usually 3-4 weeks, delivery and assembly available. We’ll contact you to check details and delivery requirements.

    Choosing Your Package

    There are currently 5 options to choose from when ordering a Swinging Day Bed. If you are unsure on any of the below or would like to customise your Day Bed, please don't hesitate to contact us for further information. 

    Mattress Only 

    Our most basic option includes the Swinging Day Bed Frame and Mattress only. Your mattress will be provided in Nautolex Vinyl, a UV resistant fully waterproof vinyl. You can also specify your Day Bed size as well as your mattress colour. 

    Mattress With Cylinder Back Cushion

    This option includes everything mentioned above, as well as a Cylinder Cushion spanning the back of the Day Bed. The mattress is supplied in the waterproof Nautolex Vinyl, with the cushions supplied in the Sunbrella range. You can select from our recommended colour ranges (further information below) or build your own once your order has been placed. 

    Mattress and Cylinder Cushion with 4 Bolster Cushions

    Featuring everything included in the Mattress with Cylinder Back Cushions, this option includes an additional 4 bolster cushions that can be used for back or arm support. The cushions are supplied in Sunbrella vinyl. You can select from our recommended colour palettes listed above.

    Mattress, Cylinder Cushions, 4 Bolster Cushions & 5 Scatter Cushions

    Our most comprehensive and recommended Day Bed option includes the full range of cushions for maximum comfort. It includes everything mentioned above with the addition of 5 large scatter cushions (60cm x 60cm). These are provided in Sunbrella Vinyl.

    Build Your Own Package

    Use our product options to customise and build your own Day Bed package.

    Colour Palettes

    The below colour palettes are relevant if you have selected one of our pre-built packages from the drop down menus above. Using our industry experience and recognised design knowledge, we have put together the following colour packages for your Day Bed should you wish to use them. You can always contact us once you have placed your order to make any changes. To find out more about each particular fabric range, you can visit our Nautolex Maritime Vinyl page or our Sunbrella Cushion Fabric page. 


    Mattress: Nautolex Maritime Cinder Grey

    Cylinder, Bolsters & Cushions: Sunbrella Cushion Fabric Adriatic Blue, Porto Blue Chine, Mineral Blue & Ardoise


    Mattress: Nautolex Maritime Moonrock

    Cylinder, Bolsters & Cushions: Sunbrella Cushion FabricConfetti Green, granny, Kaki and Macao


    Mattress: Nautolex Maritime Sand surf 

    Cylinder, Bolsters and Cushions: Sunbrella Cushion Fabric Quadri Grey, Shingles, Taupe and Canvas

    Reds & Oranges

    Mattress: Nautolex Oatmeal

    Cylinders, Bolsters and Cushions: Sunbrella Cushion Fabric Porto Rosso, Tuscany, Paris Red, Burgundy

    Footprint & Dimensions

    Note: Please click on an image to enlarge

    Swinging Day Bed Dimensions
    Swinging Day Bed Dimensions

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