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Delivering our Garden Furniture to the USA

Sitting Spiritually are always happy to ship our unique products overseas and have been delivering to America for many years.

Our porch swings are extremely popular for those with enough outdoor space to accommodate a luxury, handmade piece of furniture. Even overseas the RHS of England holds weight, and our products are the only swing seats endorsed by this historic British institution. 

Handmade by our Master Craftsmen here in the South of England, our swing seats may take a while to ship over to the USA but some things are worth the wait. Our expert team will guide you through the process of ordering, the cost difference between GBP and Dollars and the delivery process.

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USA Delivery
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Getting Your seat to America

For delivery to the United States of America we will air freight your garden furniture or send via boat. It is delicately packaged with the utmost care, crated throughout the transit and carefully delivered to your door. Please click below for details on any of our frequently asked questions:

Do you deliver to the US?

Yes, we have shipped numerous products from the UK to the US. We have two dedicated methods to deliver to the US, determined by size, via boat or via air freight. 

Can I buy online?

For now, we can only take orders for USA shipping via our contact form, email or over the phone. Please contact us and we can provide a quote for your swing seat and delivery. You can however buy our Rope Swings online as normal.

How much does delivery cost?

All delivery costs vary based on the size of the product that you would like to order and the location in America that you would like it shipped to.

Please note, there is no VAT (Value Added Tax, which is incorporated into the item prices on our website) charged on any shipments to the US, therefore, the shipment cost is typically subsidised by the savings on the exclusion of VAT charge.

How long does delivery take?

Smaller items, such as a swing seat, the time taken to build is around 4-6 weeks for the build, and then shipping time, and they will be delivered via air freight.

Larger items, such as the Day Bed, may take up to 8 weeks to build, and then shipping time and will be delivered via sea vessel

Do I have to pay VAT?

All US orders will be exempt from VAT (Value Added Tax at 20%). For example, a Swinging Day Bed will typically be £2,000 less than the price listed on our website, with the deduction of VAT.

Do you install them?

Currently, we do not provide installation on our shipments to America. All of our garden furniture comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, as well as video instruction tutorials.

Our  swing seats will arrive fully built, and the A Frames are very straightforward to assemble.

Pergolas, Day Beds and other larger, more intricate products will require a professional for installation. The instruction manual provided should be informative enough for a professional, without any additional assistance.

How It Works


Find Your Perfect Furniture

Browse our range of beautiful, bespoke wooden furniture online. Swing seats have 5 different back styles and we have a variety of accessories.


Get In Touch

Via email or phone we can discuss your exact requirements, give guidance if you need any, quote for your order and take secure payment.


Crafting Your Commission

Once you have approved your commission, our expert joiners get to work on creating your one-off piece. This typically takes around 4 weeks.


Careful Shipping

Once your item has been handmade by our master craftsmen it's time to be packed and shipped via air or boat to the USA. 


Delivered to Your Door

Your delicately packaged parcel with everything you need to construct your perfect garden furniture will arrive at your door. 


Assembling Your Seat

We include detailed instructions and links to step by step videos. For large items like Day Beds we recommend professional assistance. 

Packaging for International Delivery

When we ship internationally you can rest assured that the greatest of care is taken to ensure your new commission arrives in perfect condition.

Below are some photos of an internationally shipped Swinging Day Bed which provides an insight into the level of care and attention provided at each step of the shipping process. 

Curved Oak Garden Swing Seats
2 Seater Garden Swing Seats at Forde Abbey
Curved Oak Garden Swing Seats
2 Seater Garden Swing Seats at Forde Abbey
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