Swing SeatsFrequently Asked Questions

Swing Seats Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Sitting Spiritually swing seats the best?

14 years of research into making our swings beautiful,  not just to look at, but with such detailed ergonomics that once you sit on them – you won’t want to get off.

We honed in on the finest details over the years, concise changes in angles and shapes that will refine and improve our products. The seats we manufacture now are undoubtedly better than the ones we first made when we started out, in another 10 years time we expect to be able to say the exact same thing.

The quality of the material we use is incredibly important to us. We regularly seek to find new suppliers or timbers that are an improvement on what we have been using.

How long will wooden swing seats last?

Ultimately it depends on how well they are looked after. Sitting Spiritually has been making swing seats for over 14 years, and we still have our very first swing seats on show in our garden looking every bit as good as when we first made them – and they’ve been very well used!

Wood, if neglected, will be at risk of algae building up and rotting when subjected to the elements. It’s really important the swing seats are looked after with regular, easy care.

We do offer a full aftercare package click here .

How do I order?

You can order directly through our website, selecting the options you prefer and handling the whole situation online. Once you have made an online order, we will always contact you to discuss your selection so it’s never too late to tweak or amend.

Alternatively, if you prefer you can order over the phone or email. We’re more than happy to work in whatever way you would prefer.

How do I hang a swing seat from a tree?

The first thing we need to know is how high the bough is, and what the girth of the bough is.

One thing we can never guarantee is that the tree will be strong enough. If you’re in any doubt, contact your local tree surgeon and ask them to verify it.

What are my options for the back of my swing seat?

At the moment, we offer 5 different shaped backs that are all the same price.

We have a Fan Back which has historically been the most popular, a Slat Back which offers an ergonomic benefit of improved lumber support, a Curve back, a Swirl back or our Arts & Crafts Movment inspired Heart Back.

Do you assemble them for me?

Yes, for a swing seat and frame we use a local removals company called Saturn Removals who will take your swing seat from the workshop and deliver to your door. They’ll assemble the frame in position for you before inviting you to sit on them for testing and adapt it to your personal height.

What wood is used for swing seats?

All of the wood we use comes under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) meaning we know what tree it has come from.

The Kyokusen, Tranquillity and the swinging day bed are both made with oak that grows on the Northern border of Germany near Poland. In our experience, the further East in to Europe you travel the slower the wood grows and the denser it is, meaning it is incredibly tough (much to our makers troubles!) and long-lasting.

The Serenity swing seat comes in Western Red Cedar which we source from Canada. We’ve experimented with English Red Cedar but found it grows too fast and doesn’t have the properties we need.

We also use preservative treated Scandinavian Pine for our Harmony range, a grade called ‘unsorted’ which is the highest quality available, resulting in fewer knots. 

Can swing seats be left outside all year?

Yes! We never bring any of ours in from the Sitting Spiritually garden. There are covers available for purchase should you want to cover it in the Winter months.

Where can I see your swing seats?

We have on our website a ‘See our swing seats at’ where you can see a range of our swing seats on show in public gardens and places of interest across the UK.

We also offer a service whereby we can arrange to have a private viewing with another swing seat owner near you, subject of course to getting their permission.

Where can I put my swing seat?

Anywhere you like! Ideally the site needs to be level.

If you want to stand it on a lawn, we recommend putting it there and leaving it for a while to check it’s where you want it. After that you just need to put a paving slab under each leg so you can get around with a mower. If it proves as popular  as expect it will, you’ll likely wear the grass underneath so you might wish to put something there too.

You can also set the back legs in to a bed with a paving slab under each leg which is a popular option, that way you can let the plants grow under and around the swing seat. Sometimes the motion of the swing seat wafts around the scent of the flowers for a truly serene experience.

If you want to see how much space to leave behind a swing seat, check out our helpful video on YouTube.

How long will it take to make?

From commission, it tends to be 4-6 weeks. If you need it faster for a birthday or anniversary, do let us know and we’ll endeavour to accelerate our process for you.

We always aim to keep a small amount of swing seats in stock.

How about guarantees and warranties?

We offer a 12 month guarantee for all of our products.  We recommend reading & following the contents of our Aftercare page

Can I hang a swing seat from a Pergola?

Yes. Providing the pergola is of sufficient strength and quality, it’s a lovely option to hang a swing seat from one. We can provide the fixings and advise on the finer details such as where the centres should be.

What sizes do you make swing seats in?

The smallest is a one seater which is a generous chair size, through to a two, three and four seater.

What about colours on your painted range?

We tend to focus on two main suppliers for our painted range: Farrow and Ball or Cuprinol Garden Shades. We use a 5 coat painting system, starting with a stain block coat, followed by a primer and an undercoat before the final layers. The result is a high build of paint with exceptional quality.

Can they be customised?

Yes. Most of the accessories that we offer as standard are as a result of people asking us if we can personalise their swing.

We can do all sorts of wonderful extras, from insetting an ammonite as a tip of the hat to our Jurassic coast heritage, to carvings and inscriptions, caricatures, drinks shelves, bottle holders… we’re always open to new ideas.

Do I have to pay upfront?

No, our normal terms are that we take a deposit. We then confirm back to you exactly what you would like with any additional accessories.

We won’t start making your swing seat until you give the go-ahead, and we’ll keep you updated with an image of it finished in the workshop approximately 4 weeks down the line.

Do swing seats need covering in the winter?

No, the swing seats don’t need covering from the elements, though we do have recommended covers available should you want to.

We actually find leaving them out accelerates the process of allowing the wood to mellow to a lovely silver hue that characterises outdoor wooden furniture.

What maintenance do they require?

Common-sense looking after. What you must avoid is letting them get dirty or built up with algae, instead keep them clean with a regular scrub with sugar soap or with our recommend cleaning products.

Over time as the natural tannins leave the wood in the weathering process, the wood will get ‘hungry’. We recommend applying a feeding oil.

Further information on maintenance can be found on our Aftercare page.

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