Yakisugi Swing Seat

Sitting Spiritually had long been aware there was a gap in the market for a Contemporary Swing Seat, so now have a collaboration with Dorset based company Simon Thomas Pirie Contemporary Furniture, makers of beautiful furniture and public art work. The Yakisugi Swing Seat range has become the signature piece of our classic contemporary garden furniture range. The clean, angular theme paired with the stunning scorched oak makes for a truly unique swing seat.

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Yakisugi Origins

Using kiln dried FSC prime grade Oak, Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. Parts of the frame and seat are scorched using an ancient traditional Japanese method of wood preservation. The feel is made complete using stainless steel cables to hang the seat and allow it to swing beautifully without compromising ergonomics.

Contemporary Garden Furniture


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Yakisugi 2 Seater Swing Seat

Footprint 2.3m by 1.6m 

Yakisugi 3 Seater Swing Seat

Footprint 2.6m by 1.6m 

Yakisugi 4 Seater Swing Seat

Footprint 2.9m by 1.6m 

Yakisugi Side Profile


Modern Garden Swing Seat with Floral Background
Contemporary Swing Seat with Scorched Oak Design
Modern Garden Swing Seat on Decking
Modern Garden Swing Seat Being Hung from Pergola

How it Works

When you commission Sitting Spiritually to make you a Swing Seat, you'll receive a one of a kind, hand-crafted and beautifully finished product. At each stage of the process, we'll work alongside you to create a stunning piece of garden furniture that is made just the way you like it. You can call or meet us at anytime to discuss ideas or suggestions, and we will always make sure you are entirely happy with your piece before proceeding.

It usually takes about 4 weeks from commission to delivery. We take a £250 deposit upon commissioning. We then send by email or post some photographs of your actual piece, together with an invoice for the balance owed, for payment prior to delivery.

We recommend configuring your Swing Seat and getting an idea of what you like. We can then work with you to make the furniture a truly unique piece. Use the buttons below to guide yourself around the product, or you can always call us on 01297 443 084. 

"Functional...beautiful. Inspiring."

It is understated and simple, functional and beautiful. Inspiring.


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