UV Screens for Day Beds

Make the most of every moment of daylight

Our UV Screens easily attach to the roof, sides or back of your Swinging Day Bed pergola using our stainless steel twist-lock buttons, they can be safely removed and stored when not in use.

Whether it’s keeping the setting sun from your eyes while you finish your favourite book, or keeping you cool when you’re relaxing in the midday sun, these UV screens will provide you with the essential protection from the sun that you need to enjoy your Swinging Day Bed for even more of the day.

Made from Soltis Horizon 86 fabric they allow up to 28% natural light transmission to allow you to make the most of your beautiful surroundings. Our shades are incredibly durable and thanks to Précontraint technology they offer unparalleled dimensional stability.    

All of our UV Screens are available in a choice of either Boulder (#2171) or Sandy Beige (#2143).

Prices range from £140-£664 (dependent on the size and number of sides).


Sandy Beige

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