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Waterproof Pull Over Covers

For protection and peace of mind

Handmade here in the UK, using deluxe-quality waterproof 750 denier polyester, this is the finest outdoor weatherproof cover that complements our range of products. Offering both breathability and durability, it’s the perfect material to protect high-end garden furniture. 

To protect your beautifully handcrafted swing seats and garden benches from everything that mother nature has to offer—and keep them looking in pristine condition throughout the year—we bring you the ultimate all-weather garden furniture cover.


Swing Seat Waterproof Cover
Covered Swing Seat
Swing Seat Cover Detail Strap

The fabric is UV-stabilised, meaning the cover will keep its colour for longer. Its breathable fabric is also designed to combat moisture buildup and condensation under the covers; helped further by the air vents located at the rear.

Available in either grey, blue or green, these premium grade covers are available for all the framed swing seats in our range, as well as the Rockabye, Knole and garden bench.

All of our covers are made to order so please expect delivery in approximately 4 weeks. This can vary subject to demand. 




Neatly arranged swinging day bed

Why choose our furniture covers?

Sitting Spiritually have teamed up with a UK-based manufacturer to bring you an exquisite range of high-quality swing seat and bench covers. Here’s everything you need to know about this latest must-have accessory:

  • Made from breathable, UV and water-resistant material 

  • Comes with a rear air vent for added breathability

  •   Available for all swing seats with or without frames, our Rockabye, Knole and all garden benches.

  • Features drawstrings on each corner to hold the cover securely in place

  • All framed swing seat covers come with velcro straps on each corner for added security

  • All framed swing seat covers feature a roll up front section with straps so the seat can be used while the cover is open

  • Comes with a carry bag in the same material and colour as the cover

  • Handmade in Yorkshire, UK

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