Win a Harmony Painted Pine Swing Seat

It's competition time!

This is your chance to win a beautiful, handcrafted Swing Seat worth over £2,000! It will be carefully refurbished, painted in the colour of your choice and delivered to your door - for a chance of winning simply sign up to our newsletter below.

This two seater Harmony swirl back is handmade from pine and has been on display at the nationally renowned Forde Abbey, it's time for a new home - so we're giving it away to a lucky winner.


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Simply fill out your details below and we'll randomly select a winner on the Friday 2nd April 2021 - we will announce on our social media feeds so make sure you're following us to hear about the winner!

Can't wait to win one? 

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"Nothing could quite prepare us for the sheer majesty of our swing"

14 years of research into making our swings beautiful,  not just to look at, but with such detailed ergonomics that once you sit on them – you won’t want to get off.

We honed in on the finest details over the years, concise changes in angles and shapes that will refine and improve our products. The seats we manufacture now are undoubtedly better than the ones we first made when we started out, in another 10 years time we expect to be able to say the exact same thing.

The quality of the material we use is incredibly important to us. We regularly seek to find new suppliers or timbers that are an improvement on what we have been using.

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